3 Tips for Moving Your Boat Cross-Country

Moving across the country, whether for a new job or personal reasons, can be exciting. However, the process’s unique stresses can be even more challenging when you own a boat. Luckily, the process of transporting a boat across the country is not impossible. Here are three tips for moving your boat cross-country.

Carefully Plan Your Route and Schedule

Plan your route and schedule carefully if you’re towing your boat cross-country. Consider how many miles you can realistically drive each day and where you will stop each night. Review the roads along your route and determine whether they will safely accommodate your boat trailer, giving extra consideration to areas that may have underpasses. Careful route planning is a crucial part of any cross-country drive, but ensuring your boat makes it safely to its new home is especially important.

Prepare Your Boat for Transport

Whether you transport your boat yourself or work with a professional transportation service, take time to prepare your boat for transport by securing loose items and draining water from its tanks to prevent damage during the move. Your boat should be securely fastened to the trailer using tie-down straps to ensure stability and prevent shifting or damage during transit. Preparing your boat for transport will protect it and other vehicles on the road from potential damage.

Work With a Professional Boat Transport Service

Even if you plan to drive to your new home, consider working with a professional boat transportation service to haul your vessel to your destination. There are many advantages to having a professional move your boat, including reducing your stress during an already stressful time. Though you may be tempted to move your boat yourself in an effort to save money, working with a transporter is a worthwhile investment, granting you peace of mind knowing your boat will arrive safely.

Now that you know these three tips for moving your boat cross-country, you can get your vessel to your new home with confidence. Good luck on your next adventure!

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Written by Logan Voss

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