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85 Ideas of Funny Gambling Gifts: Best Gifts for Gamblers Collection

Before loved ones choose gambling gifts to present to their partner deeply in love with gambling, many important factors should be considered. One of such is the kind of casino game they love, their favorite provider, free slot category, and gambling theme, among others. Some try Astropay bookies and favor them. These reflect what kind of gambling-themed apparel design would be chosen for such players.

All pictures and ideas in this article are provided by Senior Business Project Manager and founder at freeslotsHUB website, Jeremy Smith.

Funny Gambling Gifts

When you want to present gambling gifts that genuinely warm your gambler friend’s heart with laughter, then consider those spiced with any element of fun. They are packaged with materials and intentions that send amusement down the receiver’s spine. So let’s look at gift ideas for gamblers.


Instead of keeping their feet enclosed boringly, gamblers can have their feet spiced with funny colorful socks. These socks remind them of their favorite casino games through their gambling-related patterns and prints. Whether casual or corporate dressers, they can wear around their passion as ankle socks or long ones.


Every player loves to get lucky, which often comes in the form of regular gambling fortunes like jackpot wins from the popular lucky seven slots. Wearing hats that bear this famous high-paying slot is an awesome way of setting the players’ minds on their potential gambling fortune when lucky. This gift is for every slot lover.


For gamblers with an undeniable affection for card games, their casino gift ideas can be ingeniously crafted to contain all lovers’ cards in their foreground. To make this affection burn more, these cards can be designed with a red background capturing all that reigns on typical casino lovers’ hearts.

№4. CUSTOMIZED GAMBLER’S BEDDING (~ $80): This is one that takes a gambler’s profound love for gambling beyond his daylight activities. Bedding customized with a gambling theme is highly favorable for gamblers with an intense affection for casino games, as it allows them to embrace their favorite ones while in dreamland directly.

№5. ROULETTE-THEMED DRINKS TRY (~ $52): Today, most casino players play table games often. It is an amazing casino gift ideas to have its gaming structure at gamblers’ homes, serving their most preferred beverages or drinks. This implies that for each sip taken, such gamblers have a savory moment that captures all that table games entail.

№6. ROULETTE CLOCK (~ $5-55):

This presents each clock ticking as a close reminder of how roulette balls spin on their wheel to reward gamblers with great fortune. This great piece of art beautifies gamblers’ walls with its colorful patterns.

№7. CASINO POSTER (~ €10,48):

As simple as this might seem, it brings all detailed information about a casino to a gambler’s memory. Its regular pattern can be designed to show tips and rules or to intensify the vast fortune that gambling luck can bestow to skilled players. Either way, it is perfect for all casino lovers’ homes.

Best Gambling Gifts For Her

Gambling gift choices for female gamblers should contain feminine elements like beauty and cosmetic items that stir and sustain her emotions. Female gamblers are known to be more excited and connected to their games, hence the need to have gift items that awaken their gambling passion.

№8. CASINO COSMETIC BAG (~ €6,99): Women are known to cherish their beauty a lot, and their choice of every means to maintain it is a worthy investment. Gifting female gamblers cosmetic bags bearing casino-related designs and styles will strongly reignite their gaming passion every moment they beautify themselves or have an embrace.

№9. CUP FOR GAMBLING LOVERS (~ €11): As one of the basic essential items in every home, cups are unique gift items. One beautifully laced with casino words and designs can be made female gamblers’ favorite choice among other highly cherished kitchen utensils. Every gulp of water from this cup draws uniquely satisfying her.

№10. KEYCHAIN IN THE SLOT MACHINES’ STYLE (~ $6,99): Owing to its simplicity, slot machines are frequented by most female gamblers. A keychain representing slot machines is the perfect gift for any female slot player. She hears an entirely different slot game sound each time her keychain and keys jingle.

№11. COTTAGE CREEK CASINO BANK (~ $24,99): This piggy bank perfectly suits female gamblers who love slot machines. It allows them to slot some coins or any other item through its opening. While doing so, their gaming experience while playing a slot is lived over again.

№12. EARRING (~ $24,99): As an evident means of adornment, female gamblers can be gifted earrings whose pendant is made of any gambling element. Its gambling element may include different kinds of gambling gift cards, slot machines, and even gambling terms. This can be customized to beautify its wearer with her most loved casino game.

№13. CASINO QUEEN TOTE BAG (~ $24,99): Tote bags are increasingly becoming popular among females. They find it convenient to use these bags to transport their stuff, even when visiting their favorite ones. For female gamblers, this is an excellent means of exuding her gambling confidence through an inscription that depicts her dominance over casino games.

№14. LAS VEGAS-THEMED BREADBOARD (~ $44,99): This is another gambling gift item to complete the female players’ kitchen set. Its visual Las Vegas design brings all the profound gaming memories of its owner alive as she kneads her dough or slices her bread.

№15. SLOT MACHINE PILLOW (~ $36,99): Females are strong lovers of cuddles and warm embraces. Slot machine pillows, asides from providing healthy collar support while sleeping, also allow female gamers to hold their favorite slot warmly to the chest. This gift avails a unique bonding experience.

№16. MAGIC EIGHT BALL (~ €44,99): Casino games have many things in common with fortune telling – they depend on luck. This makes the Magic eight ball a special gift item for females in gambling as it strengthens their conviction in the luck that affirms their winning spree while gambling.

Gambling Gifts For Him

Males are avid lovers of games naturally. Choosing gambling casino gifts that would benefit them primarily hinged on how they would enhance and improve their masculinity. They range from clothing and accessories items to those that indulge them in leisure activities.

№17. CUFFLINKS FOR ELEGANT PLAYERS (~ €9,99): Cufflinks can be designed minimally yet with such elegance that drives attention to a cuff’s wearer. Its design, made to show gambling elements like gambling gift cards, slot machines, dice, etc., is a traditional way of proving that the wearer is a gambling enthusiast.

№18. PERSONALIZED POKER CHIP (~ $40): This gift is suitable for players that love online poker games. It can be personalized to bear his cherished picture or that of his loved ones, his name, or simply betting quotes and tips.

№19. PERSONALIZED BLACKJACK-THEMED HIP FLASK (~ $20): This item covers two aspects of a man’s life – his choice of strong drink and his love for blackjack. Its vibrant dark blackjack theme screams masculinity and assertiveness as each sip of whatever drink its owner loves is taken.

№20. ORIGINAL BELT BUCKLE (~ $12): Belt is an essential dress accessory for every man. For men that enjoy gambling passionately, their belt buckles can be made in the shape of their loved casino game. This gift easily draws the attention of onlookers to its wearer’s unique charm.

№21. FOR GAMBLERS WHO ENJOY DRINK (~ $12): A gambler may choose another passion that can successfully coexist with gambling. A choice of gift for such gamblers includes hip flasks designed with his loved game, whisky glass, or shot glass roulette tray to set the party rolling. This is a great option for casino gifts for dad.

№22. THE GODFATHER 3D FRAMES PRINT (~ $42): the godfather portrait traces its roots to gambling and draws every gambler’s attention to its gambling origin. Gifting this to casino lovers allows them to embrace an authoritative dimension of their gambling career.

№23. GAME TIMER (~ $22): This amazing gift allows him to enjoy the tick tock sound from a casino board game timer. It is suitable for poker lovers, and its digitized version comes with an alarm clock whose chiming sound resembles that of Las Vegas casinos.

Top Books to Gift to Casino Lovers and Gamblers

Gambling passion instills the drive that takes gamblers to extra lengths to improve their knowledge and, consequently, their gambling skills and strategies. As a bank where knowledge is deposited by experienced gamblers and withdrawn by other casino lovers, these top books are great gifts for any enthusiast:

№24. BEATING THE CASINOS AT THEIR OWN GAME (PETER SVOBODA): This informative guide equips new and veteran players with all the instructions to emerge victoriously from a casino. It instills confidence in the readers as they understand how most games work and how to take charge of their winning mechanisms.

№25. CASINO GAMBLING: PLAY LIKE A PRO IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS (FRANK SCOBLETE): This item is good for newbies who want to improve their chances of winning any casino game. It teaches them how to reduce their house edge and be in charge of both their money and current gameplay.

№26. CASINO GAMBLING FOR DUMMIES (KEVIN BLACKWOOD): Sometimes, access to the basic information of each game is all that is needed for some victorious winning spree. This book equips newbies with simple gambling tips that help them avoid taking uncalculated risks. It simplifies all complexities in gambling to small bits.

№27. EASY CASINO GAMBLING: WINNING STRATEGIES FOR THE BEGINNER (GAYLE MITCHELL): This book was sourced from the rich experience of an astute, globally recognized female gambler. It explains in detail all gambling actions that ensure that even beginners leave their chosen casino with huge smiles. It is an essential gift collection for someone new to gambling.

№28. BOOK ABOUT CASINO STRATEGY: Christmas period is not just for fun; its break time is a good period for acquiring new knowledge. Gifting gamblers books that improve their strategy is a secure way of improving their winning chances. An example of such a book is Gambling 102 by Mike Shackleford.

Christmas Gifts for Gamblers

Yuletide season is known for love experimented with through giving. This period is perfect for putting warm smiles on every gambler’s face with casino-themed but Christmas gifts. Any of these items listed below make an awesome Christmas gift for gamblers:

№ 29. CASINO WATCHES (~ $152): This renders some undeniable premium high-roller feel to all Vegas lovers. Some casino watches incorporate simple poker games that allows the wearer to play poker on the go. It is a gift that draws attention to its wearer’s gambling aura.

№30. BOARD GAME SET (~ $13): Christmas is also that period of the year that allows bonding among families. This gift allows each member of every gambler’s family to simultaneously play their educational board games, set up on an elegant background showing some gambling elements.

№31. PICTURE OR GAMBLING ARTWORK (~ $80): Many families use this Christmas period to beautify their homes ahead of the new year. Artwork with casino designs or gambling elements like dice, cards, slots, etc., can be gifted to homes with many casino lovers.

№32. POKER CHIP SET FOR TEXAS HOLDEM BLACKJACK (~ $38): This lightweight aluminum carrying case is enough to bring Las Vegas casino to gamblers’ comfort. Its contents include decks of cards and quality poker chips that confer dealership status to every gambler bearing it.

№33. DICE SET (~ $19): Asides from its being customizable to fit various games, this can be used to beautify cars and walls and even serve as a pendant for chains. This gift of dice set allows gamblers’ families to have quality bonding time over playing a board game such as dungeons and dragons, Yahtzee, etc.

№34. MASK FOR THE FACE (~ $20): Casino lovers and gamblers can easily blend into Santa’s aura by wearing Christmassy masks with gambling elements like dice sets, poker chips, cards, etc., directly imprinted on them. During this period of COVID-19, it is also an important safety measure to keep all casino lovers safe and sound.

List of the Best Casino Themed Gifts

Any gift item can be spiced with casino themes by using modern 3D printing technology. Also, all games and other casino-related structures can be designed and presented to gamblers. Some of these highly esteemed themed casino gifts that can be given to casino lovers include:

№35. LUCKY SEVENS SLOT MACHINE REPLICA (~ $30): Any lover of slot machines knows the vast fortunes that the lucky sevens slot bestows on a gambler that luck smiles upon. This gift is a realistic simulator of its original slot design. It allows gamblers to test their chances at landing a jackpot right from their homes while enjoying its realistic sounds.

№36. TALKING TABLES MULTICOLOUR CASINO NIGHT (~ $22,20): With this gift in a gambler’s collection, they would worry less while hosting game nights with friends. It includes a game mat, poker chips, playing cards, money, and other items that make it night fun and engaging. This is perfect for gamblers seeking to bond with other gambling enthusiasts.

№37. MINI CASINO FRUIT MACHINE KEYCHAIN (~ $25,99): This gift is small enough to fit into gamblers’ palms or pockets yet real enough to strengthen their passion for slot machines. It can be used to hold keys together or even attached to mobile phones while it releases a slot-kind of sound. This is necessary for all lovers of slot machines.

№38. ACE OF SPADES BOTTLE OPENERS (~ $5,99): This is a gift for card lovers. It has an Ace card symbol cut out to resemble a spade shape. This space-shaped hole can be used as a bottle opener by gamblers. This choice is good for casino-themed parties and even for personal use indoors.

№39. CASINO POKER DICE 3D LAMP (~ $21,99): Help beautify your gambler friend’s room with this lively 3D-led illusion lamp. Its illumination brings out poker dice shape in such an amazing glow that it is suited for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas deserving night to glow. This gift aesthetic livens up both the gambler’s life and the rooms.

№40. COIN BANK (~ $31,99): Gamblers can slot their coins, pens, money, and other valuables into this casino-themed storage. It is mostly made from ceramic, giving its owner tingling sounds similar to slot machines taking in their wagers. This coin bank is compatible with sitting perfectly on desks or counters without causing any obstruction.

№41. WALL CLOCK (~ $25,99): No one can ever go wrong with the gambling presents of a wall clock. Time is an essential feature in both real life and casino gaming. Gamblers can be gifted a wall clock whose moving hands rotate upon a roulette design on its background. Its sound is also incorporated to resemble that of busy slots.

TOP Casino Birthday Gift

Birthday is another period of a person’s year when gambling themed gifts abound greatly. For birthday celebrants that enjoy gambling a lot or love visiting either an online or land-based casino, any of these carefully selected items make their birthday memories relivable:

№42. MOUSEPAD (~ $15,99): A mouse pad is a suitable gift for gamblers whose daily work involves using a computer. Gamblers who frequent online casinos can also benefit from it, as its flat surface gets designed with gambling quotes for motivation or some popular brands.

№43. AMULET FOR LUCK (~ $15,99): Luck is an essential ingredient for casino gaming. All gamblers understand what luck empowers their acquired gaming strategies with. This makes an amulet containing gambling elements like dice sets, cards, slot machines, and gambling quotes a treasure every gambler will cherish.

№44. MASTER CLASS WITH TOP CROUPIER: A gambler’s knowledge bank can be updated with a masterclass from renowned casino dealers or croupiers. A gambler can be treated to an all-expenses paid masterclass that equips him with the knowledge of game dealerships.

№45. A KEYRING WITH CASINO SYMBOLS: A keyring can have as many pendants as possible attached to its ring. Fashioning each pendant to represent symbols like game logos, popular high-paying symbols, dice, and motivational quotes for gambling is another surreal gift option for a gambler’s birthday.

№46. SLOT QUEEN MUG OR TUMBLER (~ €15): It is good to recognize a casino queen when necessary; this recognition is just what this item is all about. Slot Queen Mug has an inscription that boldly indicates the passion and authority of the celebrant over casino slot machines.

№47. PLAYING CARDS: A playing cards collection is a standard gift for every gambler that prioritizes card games in a casino. It allows them to practice card throwing and all diverse techniques to improve their winning chances.

№48. CASINO CUBE: Casino cube allows the celebrant to improve his dice-throwing techniques such that each throw generates a random number with increased winning chances. This gift can come in complete pairs to facilitate other board games at the celebrant’s home.

№49. CASINO PHONE CASE: The phone, a gadget used by everyone daily, can be enhanced with an element that brings one’s passion to memory. A phone case imprinted with casino designs is an example of such a memory reviver.

Clothing and Accessories: Gifts for Casino Players

Most funny gambling gifts are found in the clothing and accessories section. A choice for gamblers from this section brings all passer-bys attention to the wearer. Clothes can be customized to reflect any desired gambling idea.

№50. I’D RATHER BE AT THE CASINO SHIRT (~ $155): This shirt is designed with an affirmative statement that strongly upholds the passion for casino gambling. It is a perfect gift for lovers of land-based games.

№51. I’D RATHER BE AT THE CASINO SOCKS (~ €18): These socks exude confidence as the wearer steps into a casino in its grand style. High-roller gamblers can embrace luck by wearing these socks to play high-risk games.

№52. CASINO CHARM BRACELET: This puts a smile on your gambler friend’s face and positions luck on his side as it contains various elements that can encourage gameplay. It is a gift that comes with good fortune for gamblers.

№53. GAMBLING GIFT BASKET: Like a hamper pack, this comes with all the goodies for a successful casino gaming night or beautifying a gambler’s space. It is an irresistible gift that nourishes the gambler’s view with various assortments.

№54. CASINO STRATEGY BOOKS AND GAMBLING: A gambler can never go wrong with reading more strategy books. Gambling requires a regular update of knowledge and this gift helps to ensure that.

№55. VISA GIFT CARD: This is one monetary gift that grants gamblers access to a casino through its online payment system. As a non-reloadable card, it can be used by gamblers to play more casino real money games.

№56. CASINO TABLE: This is another irresistible gift for table game lovers. It is in varieties, including poker tables or blackjack tables with foldable legs. It can be gifted to casino lovers as a collectible or traditional table for domestic use or gambling purposes.

№57. TABLECLOTH, CASINO DESIGN, GAMBLING, POKER, BLACKJACK: Tablecloths can be imprinted with beautiful designs that send all diners’ minds back to a busy Las Vegas environment. It can be presented to female punters with a great passion for table games.

№58. CASINOPOLY BOARD GAME: This is a board game designed after the popular monopoly one but with a strict theme for gamblers. Its rule sheet contains all information needed by high rollers to have a successful gaming experience.

№59. POKER CHIP USB DRIVE: This is a fancy gift for gamblers to store all their files. It is beautifully designed to take the shape of a poker chip, making it a perfect idea for poker lovers.

№60. AUTOMATIC CARD SHUFFLER: This gift eases the burden off card game lovers’ hands as they focus more on their poker. With a simple press, all standard decks of cards are shuffled automatically.

№61. FUNNY HAT: Gambling fun can be spiced up with hats that contain funny imprints of one-word or longer word count. It is a certain way of drawing other gamblers’ attention while a gambler plays his chosen poker.

Give Impressions: Casino Related Gifts

Gambling gifts are not limited to physical items like clothes or apparel. It is also presentable through memorable experiences and travels that bring gamblers closer to casino gambling origin. Some of these great memories include:

  • 62. TRIP TO ATLANTIC CITY: Being a location popularly known for its casino and nightlife activities, Atlantic City is a dream destination for many gamblers. They can be given an all-expenses paid trip to this resort city.
  • 63. TRIP TO LAS VEGAS: Known as the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas instills an emotional gambling experience into gamblers. A trip to this place allows them to enjoy hotel casinos with a great touch of elegance and luxury.
  • 64. CRUISE VACATION: A cruise vacation is perfect for gamblers that love playing luxury-themed free slots online. It grants them an experience of the gaming world in real life.
  • 65. CASINO WEBINAR INVITATION: Let your gambler friend have a taste of casino management and gaming industry information through a registered webinar session. Curious gamblers would relish this gift.

Gambling Stickers and Stickers with Winged Phrases

These stickers are gambling gifts that allow gamblers to carry their gambling pride everywhere. They are suitable for walls and all smooth surfaces that support adhesive grips. Being minimal, they are one of the best thought-provoking gambling items to give casino lovers.

№66. LAS VEGAS CASINO STICKER: This gift allows gamblers to be proud representatives of the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas. It is suitable for cars, leather bags, phones, and other mobile structures.

№67. RUMMY STICKER: Rummy is a very addictive gift card gambling game; its lovers can strongly advance. A sticker that bears its name, cards, or gaming tips is suitable for a gambler’s laptop, windows, walls, etc.

№68. I DON’T NEED THERAPY JUST NEED TO PLAY POKER: This is another sticker gift that affirms the therapeutic effect of playing poker games. Its imprints uplift gamblers’ moods whenever it is down, and it can be placed on surfaces with easy visibility.

№69. I DON’T GAMBLE, I INVEST IN THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME BETTING: This sticker would make a perfect gift for strategic players that see gambling as a means of investment. High rollers and strategic table gamblers all fit in this category.

VIP Gifts for Selected Casino Lovers

In gambling, some loyal players climb the ladder to become VIPs in their chosen casinos. Such players have invested vast amounts of their time and money in gambling. It is just fair that they are made entitled to special rewards. Some of these rewards are:

№70. Consultation of Famous Gamblers: Famous gamblers that have climbed the ladder of success in gambling have tips and ideas that can help upcoming gamblers. A session with such renowned gamblers can be gifted to younger gamblers.

№71. Casino Gift Cards: Asides from being proof of gamblers’ authenticity, casino gift cards allow the bearer to access services, including luxurious dining and accommodation.

№72. Exclusive Casino VIP Cards: These cards are the pass to all exclusive VIP offers that a casino has. It is a desirable gift for all loyal gamblers passionate about special packages and exclusive gaming privileges.

№73. Paid Bet in Online Casino: Instead of a shopping spree, Gamblers can be taken on a betting spree. This allows them to wager on their favorite games without touching their bankrolls.

Gifts for Gamblers That Online Casinos Offer

Casinos themselves also offer gambling gifts. By doing so, many entice new players with juicy welcome gifts and retain older ones with reloadable offers. These promotional offers ensure their commitments to the online casinos offering them, and they include:

  • 74. WELCOME BONUS: Newly registered players are welcomed to a casino with incentives such as free spins, credits, percentage cashback, rebates, etc. A welcome bonus is a factor many gaming enthusiasts consider before picking their preferred ones.
  • 75. NO DEPOSIT: Gamblers can enjoy a no-deposit bonus, which they can use to win real money without funding their betting accounts. Many casinos offer this bonus frequently to encourage their players.
  • 76. FREE SPINS ON 1ST DEPOSIT: A gambler’s first deposit is a sign of commitment to gambling. And it comes with gambling gifts like free spins, which allow players to spin their free online slot machine at no cost.
  • 77. WAGER FREE BONUS: This is a form of free spins bonus that can be retained and withdrawn without gambling. This bonus is released to new gamblers as a welcome gift based on a wagering requirement.
  • 78. FREE SPINS: Landing special winning combinations rewards all casino gamblers with free spins. These free spins are as many as possible and can be accumulated to increase potential payouts.
  • 79. WEEKLY STAR BONUS: Achieving some feats on multiplayer games earns players star bonuses. These are allowed to accumulate and be rolled out weekly to gamblers.
  • 80. WELCOME PACKAGE: To get a rich gambling experience, new players are welcomed with a generous package that includes a match bonus, free spins, and deposit bonuses, among others.
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