Change Your Attitude By Increasing Your Gratitude

Gratitude is the basic, though invisible, building block needed to live a life full of joy. Listen to anyone living their dream life, someone who is obviously loving every moment, and inevitably the word ‘gratitude’ will pop up in their conversation.

You might think “of course they’re grateful, they have everything they’ve ever wanted.” But what if it was the other way around? What if it was gratitude that helped them achieve goals, choose the right paths and make the most of every opportunity?

Living a life you love and being grateful isn’t just about self-awareness. It also requires you to take action. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you build a life you’re grateful to wake up to every day. Here are the ten best ways to enhance your experience by increasing your levels of gratitude.

#1 Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

Don’t let the simplicity of this colorful, fun journaling workbook fool you. It is beautifully set up to help you uncover and record your goals and motivations while keeping you mindfully on track.

    #3 52 Lists for Happiness

    If you are a dyed-in-the-wool list-maker, then this beautifully-thought-out-and-designed workbook is for you. It helps you formulate a thorough selection of lists, one per day; then provides action tips for you to transform these lists into steps toward your goal.

    Containing many extras in the form of illustrations, beautiful photography, copper foil, and even a red velvet ribbon, “52 Lists for Happiness” also makes the perfect gift. Not only is it a useful workbook, but a visual feast for the eyes.

    #6 Stop Breathe Think

    Countless people have cited this customized, guided meditation app as the only app that works on chronic insomnia. Stop Breathe Think prompts you to answer questions on your emotional state, so it can “diagnose” and present a customized meditation for you, as well as yoga or acupressure points to apply. Winner of the 2017 Webby “People’s Voice Award for Best Health App.”

    #11 Be grateful for yourself, exactly as you are.

    One part of expressing and experiencing gratitude is often neglected: Being grateful for yourself, just the way you are; for all the things you are trying in order to contribute more to the world and to those around you; for your willingness to grow and embrace honestly. Choose the tools and accessories that enhance your grateful feelings and support vital self-care.

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    Written by Maigen