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Sales Data Lists – The Ultimate Guide for a Streamlined Workflow

Are you having trouble finding quality leads? As a sales representative, it can be a difficult task finding prospects especially if you have no information on potential customers in your industry. But even if you do have contact numbers of various leads how will you know if they have a need for your products or services?

Every sales representative should have a solid foundation before they go out onto the road and sell products & services. That’s where data lists come in. These are lists containing extensive information of the people you’ll be seeing so you’re guaranteed a customer conversion rate.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can utilise data lists to streamline your workflow and to bring in more customers to buy your products & services.

Why Do Sales Teams Need Data Lists?

An internal sales representative’s duty is to find people within his or her company’s niche and offer their products & services to them. This takes a lot of time and exceptional skill because internal sales representatives must know the art of effective communication that draws people to their brand.

The external sales representative doesn’t always have the time to source his or her own prospects. So a team of internal sales people generates lists of high quality leads to phone and set appointments for the external representative. Now the external representative can spend more time working on customer conversion rates.

Data lists help streamline a sales representative’s workflow so he or she is not spending all their time looking for prospects. The sales team’s job is to source as many prospects as they can to generate revenue for their company. Data lists are the solution to make this happen.

What Type of Customer Information is Collected?

Data lists contain corporate information about a potential lead. This doesn’t include personal information such as home addresses or bank account details.

A sales representative uses the captured information to contact leads to offer their products and services. Typically the information on business data lists includes the following:

  • Corporate or private email address
  • The lead’s business contact details
  • Cellphone number of the lead
  • The position the lead has within his or her company

It’s important that this information is always up to date so that a sales representative doesn’t waste time contacting leads that no longer work at their respective companies.

How do You Streamline a Data List?

A data list should only contain information that a sales representative will use on a regular basis such as a mobile number, email address or work number. Social media account tags can be added but only if you’re contacting the lead through reputable corporate groups and pages.

To streamline a data list ensure that all the information captured is 100% accurate. Your lists should never contain incorrect information because it will hinder your workflow. You’ll be spending time on numbers and email addresses that don’t work or that refer you to the wrong person

You should also ensure that the data list doesn’t contain any duplicated information as you don’t want to call a prospect twice in one day.

Data List Quality vs. Quantity

Another way to streamline your data list is to ensure that you have quality leads.

Some companies will insist on having data lists that are filled with information about people that aren’t in their target audience. But this can have a major impact on your brand as most people find it annoying receiving calls for products and services that they feel they won’t benefit them. Rather gather relevant buyers’ details.

Quality is more important than quantity!

Even if your data list doesn’t have a large number of leads it’s always better to have quality prospects as this will increase your customer conversion rates. You also won’t waste precious time on irrelevant leads.

What Will Happen if You Don’t have Data List Solutions?

Data list solutions aren’t simply to look for prospects and sell to them. It’s also a way for you to create and send out promotions or target potential customers with marketing campaigns.

All you need is to set up email lists so you can send personalised promotions, information, and newsletters to your leads. This is an excellent way to get prospects to contact your business without sales representatives having to phone or set appointments with them.

Do you Have to Create your Own Data List?

To make it easier for your business to gain more profit there are many reputable lead generation companies that can develop quality data lists for you. It’s highly economical and you have more of a success rate if you source data lists from a reputable company.

Data lists that are generated by a lead generation company will give you the following benefits:

  • Quality prospects
  • Updated information
  • Structured to sales representative requirements
  • Rids lists of duplicated information

Final Thoughts

If you want your sales team to be successful you need to offer them a structured data list to work from. Opt for a company that will develop an organised data list for your team so they can convert more leads into paying customers.

Are you ready to optimise your company’s turnover? Data lists will help you get there.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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