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Beginner Gear for Airsoft Enthusiasts

Airsoft is a fun sportive activity, but it’s not for everyone. First, you should be passionate about military strategy (or interested to learn more about it) and you should be OK with using guns (even though airsoft rifles and pistols are not lethal). Second, you must be prepared to invest in quality gear that can protect you from injury and accidents.

Also, even if you’re just testing the waters, it’s best to own a reliable airsoft gun that can provide a meaningful experience. After all, if your gun breaks down after the first few shots and it lacks accuracy, I can almost guarantee that you won’t want to return a second time.

Now, I too was a beginner in this niche so I understand if you feel frustrated with advice that’s not on point. This is why I will walk you through the three most important steps every new player should take in order to enjoy themselves on the field.

#1: Choose the Right Protective Gear

Given that airsoft weapons are not lethal, it’s easy to dismiss the importance of protective gear. However, it’s important to understand that most modern airsoft weapons can shoot at 200+ FPS (feet per second). So, if you don’t wear protective gear, a BB flying at full power can chip a tooth, hit you in the eye, ear, or neck, or (at best) can leave a nasty bruise on your face or body.

The most basic gear any player must wear is represented by goggles and head protection (usually a helmet or a hard hat). Still, the best way to protect your head is to wear a full-face mask with protection for the back of the head as well. You can even choose one that looks cool and has interesting designs painted on

Now, it’s also recommended to wear a vest or at least a padded shirt that will protect your torso and arms. You can opt for a tactical vest – this one comes with the advantage of extra pockets for storing magazines and other cool tools.

Lastly, if you play in an outdoor field, make sure to get yourself a pair of boots that will protect your feet according to the weather. Oh, and don’t forget to wear gloves – the hands are very sensitive to bruising, not to mention that the pain you feel if a BB hits you in the knuckles is quite excruciating.

#2: Get a Reliable Airsoft Gun

An airsoft player should carry two types of guns: a primary weapon (which is usually a rifle) and a sidearm (a pistol).

As a beginner, you don’t need an expensive rifle (although you may be tempted by the gorgeous designs and incredible features. My recommendation is to browse through some of the best cheap airsoft guns and choose one that suits your needs. In most cases, an M4 AEG or spring-powered rifle should do the trick.

The pistol should be easy to hold and maneuver, and it helps if you can find one that fits in a hip holster.

#3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Now that you have your gear and guns, it’s time to get used to them before you plop on the field. Do some plinking in an area where there’s no risk to accidentally hit someone passing by. For instance, if you have a tall fence that separates your backyard from your neighbor’s, you can try some target practice there. Most airsoft weapons are quite silent so the sound won’t bother anyone.

If the backyard is not an option, try a nearby forest or open field. The idea is to learn how to use the weapon and how to aim without wasting ammo. BBs may be cheap, but in the field, you don’t have access to unlimited ammo so you need to learn how to rationalize it.

Wrap Up

So there you have it! Protective gear, a reliable rifle, and an easy to use pistol are the best tools for any beginner who wants to get a taste of airsoft. Of course, it’s also helpful if you are a good team player and understand the power of collaborative work.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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