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Top National Parks To Visit In Your RV Motorhome Rental – In The USA

The USA is a nation that possesses variegated National parks as a significant aspect of tourist attractions over the years. With the rapid growth of RV rental culture, spunky riders across the country gather along and put their brakes on RV camps and parks allotted by the government to enjoy camping.

Besides serving strong to preserve the wildlife diversity and natural resources of America, our national parks also serve as a virtual treat of flora and fauna to RV riders seeking peace and adventure at the same time.

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Grabbed and rented an RV on a good deal and ready to go? Have a read through our spotlight on the Top 5 national parks to Camp.

The Geological wonder – Arches National Park, Utah

Getting the name from the Arched structures built by mother nature 50 million years ago, Arches is a geological treasure later redesigned by the US government as a national park in 1971. There are over 2000 naturally formed sand arches, and the majestic Delicate Arch is the largest and stands out the attraction of the park. Besides camping in Arches, you can also engage yourself in trekking, rock climbing, biking, and improve your photographic skills by capturing the perfect shot of the La Salt Mountains through the eye of the Delicate arch.

The prehistoric architecture also attracts movie makers a lot to film the beauty of the park bounded to their story. Yes, the Indiana Jones movie series was filmed here.

Reservations for camping usually begin during summer, and in some campgrounds, you can stay to a maximum of 6 months in your RV. The climate is ruthlessly cold during winter nights and makes sure your RV has a sound heater system.

The Elevated terrain – Big bend National park, Texas

The park is located in Texas on the border of river Rio Grande dividing an area between the USA and Mexico. Forming the most extensively protected ecosystem in the country, the park also features an archaeological history. Over 80,000 acres of the vast area surrounded by landscapes of rivers, mountains, and desserts sound like paradise isn’t?

There are three major campgrounds in this terrain park, each premiering a standout feature. Right on the core of Chisos mountain lays the Chisos basin camp that favors mountain view of the park. The village camp on the base of the River Rio grande exhibits the river view. Whereas, the Cottonwood camp is known for the desert view. The maximum period of stay allowed is 14 days, and it’s very cheap.

The park is also known as a creation of a ceased volcanic activity, and some archaeological excavations dating back to dino age. It is a romantic spot to hang out with your beloved to admire the night sky glutted constellations.

The Erupting beauty – Yellowstone National park, Idaho and Wyoming

Getting the tag of the very first National park establishment in 1872, Yellowstone is where nature inspires your living. As the largest national park in the country covering a massive landscape of around 9000 sq.kms, the park is a must-visit for RV’ers seeking adventure.

There are over 250 active hot water geysers as a result of volcanic activity. The erupting sight of the “Old faithful” geyser more than 150 ft is astonishing. Yellowstone is also known for its iconic attractions, the Grand Canyon, and Caldera. You are going to need a least of 5 days to tour the entire valley in your RV. Make sure that you head toward Hayden valley if you are looking to sight wild bears, bison, or wolves casually walking around.

You can go fishing, trekking, and biking around the 2000 available campgrounds, but it is strongly recommended to get a reservation before your trip. Prone to frequent forest fires, it is a must task to pile your RV with first aid and fire protection aids.

The Cascading decor – Crater lake National park, Oregon

Relatively smaller than the other, the park surrounds the immaculate beauty of Carter lake and Mount Mozama. History reveals that this park is a result of the violent volcanic eruption of Mt. Mozama, 8000 years back. Crater lake, the deepest in the country, attracts tourists for fishing.

The lake caters to you some stunning views of the landscapes and showcases the proud wild occupants like beavers, jays, falcons, black bears, chipmunks, etc.

Reservations are generally open from July to October for the two main camps, and the park remains closed during other months because of heavy snowfall.

The Alluring Ice and Coast fields – Olympic National park, Washington

Enriched and gorged by diversified ecosystems that include glaciers, coastal lines of pacific, and rain forests, The Olympic National Park is one of the inevitable choices of RV’ers. Established in 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt, and accredited later by UNESCO in 1976 as an International Biosphere Reserve, the park stays a priority for RV’ers, who likes to feel immersed in nature.

The ice-capped mountains mark the icing on the cake, being at the center of the park and surrounded by a coniferous rainforest. The coastal lane, on the other hand, has a long beach ranging around 60 miles. Campgrounds at Fairholme and Hoh are preferred by many for the exotic landscape view.

The local authorities are always on point and make sure that camper programs last more than a year. Essentials like toilet, garbage disposal, and abundant drinking water are made available for all the campers.

Here you will experience the surreal feeling of the dusk while walking on the seashore – barefooted with a chilly evening breeze nuzzling your skin, all at once.

No matter wherever you plan to travel, make sure that you have an adequate amount of drinking water, prior reservation, proper first aid kit, sufficient air is pumped in your tires, to stay in groups and be connected over a working navigation system. Hope we helped! Enjoy Camping in your RV motorhomes!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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