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Four Technologies That Can Start Improving Sales Numbers Today

Sales team today have to drive results in an increasingly competitive environment. When customers are more informed than ever before and the market is filled with a plethora of options, the job of a sales rep is becoming more difficult with each passing day.

While building personal relationships and mastering human interactions are still at the core of a successful sales strategy, it is important to empower your sales teams by giving them access to the right technologies.

Sure, a sales person cannot afford to live behind a computer screen and excel at their job.

However, there is no harm in making their life a little bit easier with technology, especially when in doing so, you can potentially improve their performance.

Let’s talk about some such technologies and see how they make life easier for your Salestable sales teams:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Most organisations today make use of a CRM software like Salesforce, and for good reason. These software allow sales reps and managers to see how potential leads are progressing through a conversion funnel, identify leaks in the funnel, and address them in real time.

The data offered by a CRM can be used to not just improve the sales numbers, but to shorten the time taken to make a sale, and even enhance the average lifetime value of a customer.

In 2019, the world is driven by data and a sales CRM provides you with the data you need to deliver better sales numbers.

eLearning For Sales Training

Sales training is an integral part of any organisation. If not done right, not only does it have the potential to tank your sales numbers, it can also prove devastating to the overall image of your product and your brand. To avoid this, brands must invest in quality training for their sales teams and thankfully, most businesses realise the importance of training. Click here to learn more about sales onboarding software for your team.

However, overcoming the challenges involved with providing effective training is another challenge that sales managers and business owners must overcome. One of the best ways to do this is to switch to eLearning.

If you’re already using a CRM, providing digitized training with a Salesforce integration software, can ensure your sales teams are provided with the right training material on a platform that they are already familiar with.

Similarly, with eLearning features like gamification and microlearning, you can ensure your sales team is just as motivated to perform well in the training, as they are expected to be on the sales floor.

Video Conferencing

As mentioned earlier, the job of a sales person cannot be effectively executed sitting behind a computer screen. On the other hand, it isn’t always possible to visit a potential client to close a deal.

Video conferencing is the perfect way to bridge this gap. When you (or a sales rep) cannot visit the client in their office, but still needs to speak with them face to face, a video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype can work wonders.

Its 2019 and video conferencing is not a new (or unaffordable) tech by any measure. If you’re not already using it to close deals online, it is high time that you started.

Social Networking

As more percentage of your audience starts living on social media, it should be viewed as a platform to connect with potential leads instead of a deterrent of productivity.

Using social media is relatively simple (on paper) when it comes to driving sales. All you need to do is identify your audience and understand which social media platforms do they frequent the most. Next, cultivate a strong presence for your brand on the same platform. Finally, let your sales teams engage with potential leads on social media.

This whole process can be further enhanced with paid social media marketing that has the potential of generating marketing qualified leads.


Technology is improving all areas of our lives. In such a scenario, it only makes sense to use it to improve the different functions of your business, including sales.

How do you use technology to improve the performance of your sales team? Share with us in the comment section below.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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