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10 Amazon Seller Tools & Software to Help You Make More Money

Amazon is an extensive and lucrative platform for sellers. It allows you to connect with customers on a global scale, thereby amplifying your sales-generating opportunities. However, the competition in this marketplace is growing very fiercely, and sellers have to put their best foot forward in order to retain their position. Along with choosing the right selling strategies, leveraging the best Amazon tools have become imperative to be a successful Amazon seller. Following are some of the effective Amazon tool that sellers should use –

1. SellerMotor

SellerMotor is an ideal tool that will help you build a strong and automated Amazon PPC campaign to boost traffic. Based on your budget and goal, the tool automatically creates a campaign. By collecting, comprehending, and assessing your previous data, it will customize the campaign. Furthermore, it will perform extensive research and automatically include relevant and profitable keywords in order to increase traffic and overall revenue. This is one of the best Amazon tools that you can use to manage your PPC campaign.

There is a basic plan, which is free, and the paid Essential plan starts from USD 59 per month.

2. Appeagle

Appeagle allows automatic re-pricing and provides sellers with useful insights, helping them understand the existing status of their account. It aims to increase your sales and Buy Box ownership via its smart algorithms that use machine learning to adjust your prices strategically. This tool allows you to reach the competition with real-time price changes. Furthermore, advanced sales data allows Amazon sellers to make better decisions. Appeagle allows you to enjoy a free trial of 7 days, and the paid plan for this tool starts at USD 99 per month.

3. Sellics

Sellics is among the most popular FBA solutions. It facilitates PPC, SEO, research, reviews, inventory management, and competitor monitoring. This tool collects the data and metrics by Amazon and transforms them into actionable measures to improve your practices. It provides comprehensive sales data that include profits, promotions, PPC costs, refunds, BSR, sales velocity, competition comparisons. Sellics comes with an Amazon sales rank, too, that offers sales rank, product tracking, sales volumes, pricing history. Irrespective of what selling stage you are in, Sellics has something useful in store for you. The pricing plan for this tool starts from USD 47 per month.

4. AMZFinder

If you deal with over a hundred orders per month, then dealing with customer reviews and feedback can become quite challenging. AMZFinder is a valuable review monitor tool that matches the review of the order ID. Irrespective of negative or positive feedback, you can reply in a timely manner and improve their shopping experience with you. With this tool, you can timely address negative comments and resolve their issues so that you don’t lose any customers. AMZFinder offers a 7-day free trial, and its paid plan starts from USD 29.99 per month.

5. Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper was earlier denoted as AMZPing and is an excellent profit tracking tool. It features an extensive dashboard that provides you with detailed information with regards to your sales and profit. The tool measures historical sales records against the current performance, allowing you to make a timely adjustment to increase your sales. Along with profit tracking, it provides hijacker alerts and inventory management tools. It is an easy to use and highly useful tool. The basic paid plan of this tool starts from USD 20 per month.

6. Listing Eagle

When it comes to securing your Amazon seller account from hijackers, then Listing Eagle is a tool that you can always rely on. The tool provides real-time alerts 24/7 via SMS text and email. The tool offers you auto-generated letters that are equipped with valuable information, enabling you to order necessary cease alerts instantly. The letters are entirely customizable, so you can make any required additions. Impressively, you don’t have to work with one ASIN at a time as it renders bulk upload feature, saving a ton of time. The paid plan of Listing Eagle starts at USD 9.97 per month.

7. KeyworX

KeyworX is a two in one tracker that can be highly useful for the Amazon seller. The keyword tracker tool that tells what is working for you and works as a great ranking tool and Amazon BSR tool that enables you to monitor your performance for each ASIN. It is an affordable Amazon seller tool that has impressive functionality. It is an excellent and accurate multi-ASIN organic keyword tracking tool. Additionally, the support from its teaching team is also quite impressive as they are very patient and thorough. The paid plan of KeyworX starts at USD 27 per month and provides you around 200 keywords.

8. FeedBackGenius

While FeedBackGenius is a part of the 4 SellerLabs suite tool, sellers can purchase it separately as an Amazon review tool. It monitors each of your reviews and feedback. Subsequently, it provides you with an overlaid management system, enabling you to add status to each review and feedback as waiting, ticket opened, responded, will not fix, resolved, etc. You can engage your shoppers with automated emails by sharing product details or reviews. This way, your shoppers will know irrespective of the time you are available for them. The tool offers a 30-day free trial period, and its paid plan starts from USD 20 per month in which you can get 1,000 emails.

9. Slickdeals

Slickdeals or SD is one of the biggest deals websites. Along with providing deals, it also helps in driving more traffic to your Amazon stores, making it an excellent tool to improve the product ranking and listing.

10. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a versatile tool that assists sellers in finding products that are currently trending in a particular niche. The tool backs up its results with sales data, thereby ensuring optimum accuracy. The paid plan of Jungle Scout starts at USD 69, and it offers a 14-days money-back guarantee.

There you have it, top Amazon seller tools that can help you generate better sales and higher revenue. Pick out the ones that work the best for your niche, and strategically implement them in the process to harness the benefits.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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