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The Four Most Famous Places You Have To Visit In Vegas

Las Vegas, casino heaven and a desert city, are one of the best places in the US. From the Strip and the vegas slot machines to the Vegas’ famous resort-lined street, this city offers the most glamorous and sparkling views in the entire world.

Many hotels in Vegas have their own attractions that feature street show and dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes, all for free. There you will also find the unique museums and a list of the impressive show is always on with them.

You can visit this city at any time in the year; in Winters, it is an excellent time to go sight-seeing. However, in summers, with a high temperature, you don’t want to leave the pool.

So, let’s see the must-visits of Las Vegas!

The list of the most famous places to visit in Las Vegas

1. The Strip

You don’t start talking about Las Vegas, without talking about The Strip. It is the central section of the Boulevard of Las Vegas, and it is about 2.5-miles in length. It is lined with massive entertainment palaces that are built with luxurious themes and offers performance venues, hotel rooms and the tastiest options of fine dining.

If you want to witness the incredibleness of The Strip, then visit it during nighttime. At night, the entire Strip is illuminated by thousands of neon lights, that shine brighter than the diamonds, metaphorically, of course. Visitors enjoy taking long walks along the Strip and clicking pictures and selfies.

2. Fermont Street

Fermont Street is located in the old downtown area of Fermont Street, and it is a pedestrian-only area. So take a walk in the Fermont Street and treat yourself to all kinds of unique things found only in Vegas.

Fermont Street is a five-block section that is covered by a canopy of LED lights that keep the night sky illuminated without needing the sun to do anything for them. Every night you spend there, you will experience something unique and new. The night music and visual shows will take your heart away, so keep it locked safely among your rib cages. It is a few miles away from the Strip, so I suggest you take a cab there since you would be doing a lot of walking anyway.

3. Helicopter Rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Why just the land view, experience the aerial view of this beautiful city in a helicopter. There are a lot of companies in Las Vegas offering you to give an aerial tour of the town. It is not only the opportunity to explore the city, but you also get the chance to explore aerially, America’s impressive and famous natural attractions.

4. Venetian Hotels and Gondola Rides

The Venetian Hotel, located on the Strip of Vegas, across from the Treasure Island, is pure romance. It is one of the most spectacular resorts in the city and features many tourist attractions! Inside the resort is a Venice-themed shopping arcade that resembles everything the city of Venice stands for – from the canal to the blue skies and the gondoliers.

The resort also has recreated much attraction that Venice is famous for – Rialto Bridge, and my personal favourite – Bridge of Sighs.

The most fun part of the resort is their Gondola Rides, and they are the best way to explore the resort, externally. The lake is located outside the hotel, right by the sidewalk and the boats await their passengers. The passengers are then taken on a ride to the shopping arcade, which is inside the resort. They are then brought back to the lake, all the while passengers admire the beauty that the Venetian is.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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