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Valiant Comic Characters We Hope DMG Entertainment Will Make a Movie About!

The Valiant cinematics universe just got a whole lot interesting, bigger, and better. With its slow and steady trend, it’s only a matter of time before it takes over Marvel comics. The Valiant comic characters are hard to miss, and one can only anticipate a movie or two about them sooner rather than later. There’s more you can learn about DMG entertainment here as you widen your comic view. To add the cherry on top, here are a few Valiant comic characters we hope DMG Entertainment will make a movie about.

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Doctor Mirage

As days pass by, individuals seek to see their heroes do more than save the day and go back to their everyday lives. These heroes often have philosophical dilemmas, as well as their motive to use their power to save the human race. However, having unconventional cinematics is a real game-changer. Other than the doctor taking the central lead, one would see the wife whose Carmen playing a significant role in the comic movie. The couple gets to investigate parapsychologist activities around the globe. It’s a chance to see how a skilled martial artist (Carmen) and her husband transformation maneuver through hurdles of life.


Here’s one of the most notable Valiant characters that should star in a movie. It’s a chance to see how one can use their flight, telekinesis as well as psychokinetic. Zephyr is one of the many superheroes with real-life issues. Thus, it can leave a great deal of impression among the post-millennial generation. The character gets to keep her relationship, lifestyle as well as day job altogether while taking up her superhero activity in the night.


Another great character that would make headlines in the Valiant comic movie cinematic is Archer. A young religious boy got to uncover the dark secrets that his evangelist preacher parents were serial child molesters. A death attempt was imminent, but he survived and thus found his way to a monastery.

He later came to realize the improved combat skills that prompted him to do the Lord’s work. He swore to serve justice to perpetrators like his parents. There’s more to the character that you ought to check out as one anticipates for the film.

X-0 Manowar

X-0 Manowar is an iconic Valiant character that you can’t afford to miss. The pulpy Conan and john cater atmosphere makes up for Manowar’s origin. After spending several years in a spaceship, Manowar led a rebellion against the aliens. All this was possible after the discovery of the powerful armor that’s his superpowers. The great adventure continues after he realizes he traveled through a different timespan and ended up trapped in the twenty-first century. The movie can online be a mixture of sci-fi epic and blockbuster should a film get made.

The Hollywood experience brought to Valiant by DMG Entertainment is sure to propel them into the mainstream. Let’s hope it works out, because many people believe that Marvel and DC are unlikely to maintain their current success forever.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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