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The Changing Face of Gaming: How Webcams Provide a New Look for Games

Gaming is no longer a purely digital endeavor. Although the race to create slicker, quicker, and more realistic graphics is never-ending, developers have moved in other directions in recent years. Virtual Reality (VR) has taken graphics to new dimensions, quite literally. Today, the digital world needs to be all-encompassing and provide 360-degree experiences. In the coming years, VR software is only going to become bigger, better, and more refined. However, right now, the real game-changer is live streaming technology.

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Games Go From Virtual to Real

Today, gaming no longer has to have a virtual face. Using RFID technology, trackers, and webcams, developers have found a way to connect real people in real situations. Of course, that’s not to say digital games aren’t real. They are. However, by using live streams, games instantly become more realistic. This technology has become most prominent over the last decade in the online casino sector. New online casino games at Paddy Power are an example of what’s possible with modern technology.

In among a library of 200+ digital games, live dealer software offers a different type of experience. As well as giving players the chance to try classic games like blackjack and roulette, live tables feature an element of interaction. Dealers are there not just to preside over the action but create an entertaining experience. In essence, these games have taken the best of what bricks and mortar casinos offer (i.e. social interaction) and fused it with the best of online gaming. The end result is an experience that’s engaging in different ways to digital games.

Sticking with the betting sector, online poker sites have also embraced live streams in recent years. Although fairly niche, there are games that allow players to switch on their webcam. So, instead of a virtual avatar, players can show their faces. Like live casino games, this adds another element of interaction to the game. At these tables, there’s no hiding behind your screen, In other words, you can’t show your emotions like you can at a standard online poker table. Again, this takes the best elements of offline poker and combines them with online technology.

Crossover Innovations and Immersive Entertainment

This trend isn’t confined to the betting sector. Streaming video games via Twitch has become common practice for many in recent years. However, PlayStation is just one of the companies that have embraced the webcam trend and used it to offer a new perspective on gaming. Using the PlayStation Camera, players can not only log into their accounts using facial recognition but play games. The Playroom for PS4 brings augmented reality to your living room.

In this game, the webcam takes what’s in the room and combines it with digital objects. The end result is, much like live casino games, a neat crossover experience. Games will always have a virtual element to them. Our desire for escapism and exploring worlds outside of our own makes the digital necessary. However, it’s important to note that it’s not the only game in town anymore. Games can now be live affairs or crossover creations. Basically, there’s a new face to gaming. It may not be the dominant face, but it’s certainly one that’s providing a new look for the industry as a whole.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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