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5 Life Hacks for Active Travelers to Try

Everyone’s got a bucket list for the things they want to do once borders open, and the quarantine has lifted. It’s about moving about, traveling, exploring, or just plain and simple- Meeting up with friends and family.

If you are packing for a post-quarantine trip, here are five simple hacks to try for any active traveler:

1. Clear your digital devices

If you are someone who loves traveling with your GoPro, digital camera, DSLR, MacBook, Laptop, or iPad, you first want to check if you have enough space in your devices. If you don’t, it’s time you cleared your contents, so you have enough space before you travel. You can buy more space to increase your cloud storage, or the better option would be to transfer all your photos and videos to external disks or DVDs so you can save your cloud storage for upcoming videos and photos. Use a free DVD burning software to transfer files and keep them safe in your home. This way, you know you have all your data untouched while traveling, and you also have peace of mind that you’ll never run out of cloud storage.

2. Vacuum pack your clothes

If there’s anything we learned from quarantine, it’s that we’ve reduced our carbon footprint while staying at home. In many parts of the world, pollution has decreased, and the skies are bluer, the seas are clearer, and the streets are cleaner. Wouldn’t you want that to continue? In an effort to travel consciously, reduce the number of things you bring on your trips. Vacuum-pack your clothes so you can travel light and have space for any souvenirs and trinkets you may buy along the way.

3. Scan your important documents

It is always a good idea to scan your passport, ID, itinerary, travel documents, and other essential information and keep them in your cloud storage or email them to yourself. This is an added protection just in case you end up losing your things or get mugged. Also, make sure that these contents can be accessed offline in the event you need to show your documents on your mobile devices, and there is no working internet connection.

4. Call your credit and debit card companies

Call your banks and credit card companies to let them know that you will be traveling and so that you can get your card authorized for any foreign transactions. Some credit card companies also offer travel insurance as part of the card membership, so this would be a good time to check on what you are eligible for in terms of travel, such as baggage delay, trip interruption, and even flight cancelation.

5. Bring your own water bottle and straw

This is another way to reduce waste and travel responsibly. As an active traveler, you’re bound to be going to different places in a short time, so it’s always good to bring your own bottle. Top up your container as often as you can. Investing in travel safe cutlery or just a metal straw helps reduce plastic use as you can drink any beverage you’ve ordered without a straw or use your personal one instead.

Finger’s crossed, you’ll be able to travel to a nearby location by the end of the year and if you do, remember to be mindful and responsible.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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