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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates

The popularity of cannabis concentrates has seen an influx of innovative and new products introduced on the market. This THC concentrated substance looks like butter or honey, so many people also call it honey oil. With many cannabis producers allowed to make and trade in cannabis, there are now more scientific methods focused on concentrate making.

This has led to a rapidly growing cannabis concentrate market. But with this variety of new products, it can be overwhelming to find the right cannabis concentrates that meet your needs. So this post will explain some of the favorite concentrates and how they are made.

Forms of cannabis concentrate

Rosin concentrate

Rosin concentrate is produced using heat and pressure. This concentrate is extracted from weed flowers, but many commercial producers usually use refined processes. In this process, the bubble hash is used as the first processing material.

By pressing just the harvested trichomes of weed, producers can come up with solventless preparation that is considered to be very pure, especially when the bubble hash is used as the first material. Depending on the finishing technique, rosin can come in different forms, such as crystalline and wax-like form.

Rosin is made by only applying heat and pressure to source materials. Remember that all forms of rosin are considered solventless because no chemicals are used in the production process. For this reason, many people who have used Kootenay Botanicals like rosin as it’s a clean concentrate.

Live Resin concentrate

Live resin concentrate is a hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate that is produced from a preserved plant material. This material is usually frozen to keep it in a fresh state. As the name suggests, live resin is processed in a fresh state to let the consumers the effect and taste flavor of a living plant.

Live resin is mostly very pungent because terpenes from the plant are preserved and are one of the readily available products on the market. While it’s common for cannabis preparation to involve drying and curing before extraction to have an ideal end product, this is not the case with live resin.

Instead of this process, the live resin process allows some terpenes to be preserved and the main high amount of THC. Keep in mind that terpenes contribute to unique smell, taste, and a high that are rare in other concentrates.

A sauce concentrate

The sauce is commonly a blend of THCA-rich crystalline and high-terpene concentrate. There is a good reason why the sauce is one of the most liked concentrates on the market. This is because it provides a rich flavor and a high that is almost the same as the original starting plant.

The sauce is produced from two separate products that are made from the same material, though this is not always the case. These products are combined to make THCA crystals in what is known as a terpene concentrate. While the crystals are harvested, the terpenes are separated, kept, and preserved.

When you have high terpene content and THC, you get one of the best and potent concentrates on the market. Even better, this concentrate is as appealing as live resin, but it has a slightly different effect and taste. This is because the finishing methods in the production process vary.

Distillate concentrate

The distillate concentrate can have a THC content of up to 99%, making it one of the strongest weed concentrates on the market. Cannabis producers use special distillation methods to do extreme refinement and remove impurities. The distillate is known to have little or no terpenes because the production process involves high heat, but some distillates contain re-added terpenes to get the flavor.

This high heat utilized in the production process also results in the products being decarboxylated and can be infused in edibles. Edibles with weed distillate are becoming quite popular because they have a heavy effect and don’t have that hashy weed taste.

Flavored distillates are also favorites with some users as they contain food terpenes and other plants from non-weed sources. Distillate concentrates are also one of the best options you can find as you can use the product to make edibles, put into vape pens, and dress up a joint.

Cannabis concentrates smoking methods

You can consume cannabis concentrates in various ways, from dressing it to a joint, sprinkling it on a bowl, to vaporizing them with a vape pen. The ideal way to smoke a concentrate is determined by the type and texture of it and your preferred method of consuming it.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best method to smoke a concentrate, you need to consider the texture and the tools you have. Below are some of the ways you can smoke cannabis concentrate:

  • Topping your cannabis flower. Many users like to wrap wax around their joint or add powdered kief to their bowl. These methods are cost-effective because they usually use inexpensive tools to dab oil while still enhancing the potency of your smoke and improving flavor from the concentrate.
  • Dabbing. Dabbing is the most popular way to consume weed concentrate utilizing a dab rig. This involves heating a nail that is made from glass, ceramic, or titanium and applying the product onto the heated surface. This turns the concentrate into a vapor that you consume.
  • Vaporizers. Vaping is considered as one of the most discreet, easiest, and portable ways to consume cannabis concentrates. The common form of vaping is by using a pre-filled cartridge that features a battery. The combination of a battery and cartridge is also called a vape pen.
  • Handheld vaporizer. A handheld vaporizer is portable and can help you to discreetly consume the cannabis oil. With a handheld vaporizer, you can fill any form of concentrate into a chamber and place the chamber to a battery. The chamber has a heating coil that transforms the concentrate into vapor when you press a button.

Thankfully, you can find concentrates on the market and you may find what you might be looking for here. As you can see, there are various benefits to each type of concentrate. It’s also important to know that cannabis concentrates affect everyone differently, so the one that suits you cannot be the ideal one for someone else.

Aside from this, the preparations mentioned above provide unique properties and experiences, making it necessary for you to try the available options on the market. By doing this, you can decide on what is best and effective for you.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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