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TikTok Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2020

When it comes to lip-syncing videos, the first thing that comes to your mind is a TikTok video. It is also highly popular for its 15 seconds dubsmashes where you can exercise a lot of your creativity. With nearly 800 million users, it is one of the topmost trending apps in Google Play store and in the Apple app store.

Before TikTok, there was a similar app named A Chinese company named Bytedance bought it and integrated it with TikTok in 2018. Since then, its global download has crossed over 1 billion downloads. That is quick; in fact, it has grown faster than Instagram’s popularity.

TikTok is also an app where users love to spend more time than others. The average American spends more than 30 minutes a day browsing through the app. Not only that, but also at least 50% of users upload their own videos, and 68% of people love to watch others’ creativity on TikTok.

Why is it important to know more about the TikTok marketing strategy? A study suggests nearly 60% of all TikTok users are between 18 and 24 years old, and the young generation is a huge force to trending marketing goods. Also, TikTok has also the most staggering worldwide growth if you compare the data since 2019.

TikTok is also a place to gain huge popularity and promote your brands more effectively. TikTok likes, followers, views, stocks, and comments all play a vital role in your brand popularity. You can buy TikTok likes and other services from authentic social media experts to run your business. But there is more to explore if you want to run a successful TikTok marketing strategy.

Other than expanding the TikTok network, let’s dive deeper into TikTok marketing strategies in 2020.

1. Know Your Goal

First things first, you must set a goal for your brand in TikTok marketing. You can set the targeted number of followers, targeted views per video, and even conversion rate per video. Without goals, it is difficult to achieve your targets and run a successful campaign.

Other than that, you can select an age group and research buyers’ persona. That will help you create more customer-oriented videos, and it will provide better output than randomized video uploads.

2. Create a Verified Account for Branding

Account creation and verification may not sound difficult, but it is important for targeted audience response. Set a profile pic or brand logo to make it distinctive from other businesses. Don’t forget to set your brand name as your profile name.

Now, write a short interesting bio where you define your goals and targets briefly. Make sure you add a lead generation form or opt-in form to make your bio clickable to the audience. Last, but not least, verify your profile to make it more legitimate to consumers.

3. In-feed Native Ads

TikTok has 5 to 15 seconds long vertical videos to show in your “For you” pages. This is cool as it supports calls to actions like visit sites or downloads. These in-feed native ads allow users to land directly on the pages you are targeting.

Furthermore, these ads are skippable, and the audience can leave it if it does not suit their taste, so it is also a challenge to understand the targeted audience persona and build ads complying with their taste. The best thing in TikTok native ads is that you can track click-through rates, viewing time, total views, impressions, and more.

4. Use of Hashtags

You can use hashtags to pull consumers for unique brand videos. Also, hashtags are great to promote target specific user-generated content. This is a new way to create a challenge page where users are redirected to a challenge page with banner ads, which bring more targeted audiences to your links. However, you can also add your brand name to the hashtag.

Let’s say you are branding on fashion and your brand name is VIVE. Adding a hashtag like #VIVAdenimday is a smart way to play big on your audiences. Also, you will get to know the denim lover’s opinion on this challenge, which is something that can help you redesign your business strategy later.

A hashtag is also important to expand a network beyond borders. There are millions of users who follow trends and love to accept different things from any corner of the globe. Whenever you are doing something interesting, you can expand your network beyond borders.

5. Brand Takeover Ads

This is another big opportunity in TikTok marketing. TikTok has category exclusives, meaning that everyday a single category can promote ads that help marketers pull consumers to their targeted websites or landing page.

You can try short video clips, images, or GIFs to turn out these precursors in a more effective way. You can measure your reach to the audience in terms of click rates, impressions, and unique reaches. Most importantly, this marketing tool is user-friendly and gets enough response if you can create enough videos filling the consumers’ demand.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers can have a big impact on your brand images. They already have plenty of followers and tons of likes, comments, and stocks in their videos. If you can collaborate with some of the influencers and promote your brand videos through them, then you can handle an increase in selling your goods quickly.

Another importance of collaborating with influencers is your brand image and trust in the market. As influencers have large numbers of followers, including them will impart positive images to the consumers. Also, obviously, influencers will negotiate benefits for that. Whatever deal you make with influencers, it will be a win-win situation for both sides.

7. Invest in a Paid Campaign

Just like other social media platforms, you can run paid campaigns to build target-oriented networks. TikTok constantly adds new business features. You can try them to help build leads to convert more sales.

The Bottom Line

TikTok is one of the most popular apps. Knowing the TikTok strategy can help you widen your business. It’s not rocket science; you just need to play it smart. Follow the above tips and try something new with TikTok marketing.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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