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How to Give a Dog CBD Oil: 5 Effective Methods

In the past few years, we’ve heard a ton about CBD and the benefits we can derive from taking CBD once a day or several times throughout the day.

A recent study found that 24% of pet owners use CBD for themselves, their pets, or both. The pet CBD market is growing quickly as more and more pet owners discover the potential CBD has to help their furry friend!

If you’re thinking about putting your dog on the CBD regimen, it’s important that you know how to give a dog CBD oil.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD for dogs and for 5 of the easiest and most effective ways to give your pup her daily dosage of CBD oil!

CBD Benefits for Dogs

CBD is a compound found in both cannabis and hemp, though it should not be confused with its psychoactive brother, THC. CBD acts on a dog’s endocannabinoid receptors to help regulate health and maintain physical and mental balance.

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, making it a great option for dogs with arthritis, digestive issues, or chronic pain. It has also been found to come with cardiac benefits, making it a great contender for dogs with high blood pressure or who are overly excitable.

CBD can also suppress nausea and increase appetite. Many owners use CBD to offset the appetite-suppressing side effects of medication! This is especially helpful if your dog is being treated for cancer or diabetes, although you should always consult your veterinarian before introducing another compound into your dog’s health regimen.

How to Give a Dog CBD Oil

Before we begin discussing the ways to give your dog CBD oil, it’s important to note that you should not reach for the bottle in your own medicine cabinet. There is a difference between CBD for animals and CBD for humans, especially when it comes to the base and the milligram content. You can learn more here to make an informed decision.

Now, let’s look at the easiest and most effective methods you can rely on for giving a dog CBD oil!

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1. Direct Application

Some dogs are tolerant of CBD oil on its own, making this a pretty simple process! The first step is to fill the CBD dropper with the proper dosage of oil. Then, gently hold your dog’s head still by placing your hand on the base of their jaw.

Once they’ve opened their mouth, squeeze the dropper until the full dose has landed on their tongue. Be careful not to administer the oil too close to their throat or they may gag. To make sure they swallow the full dosage, give them a treat directly after administering the CBD.

2. Into the Food Bowl

Some dogs aren’t too keen on having oil squirted right onto their tongue. If your dog isn’t a fan, consider putting it on top of their wet or dry food.

Remember that this is only a good option if your dog has a tendency to finish the whole bowl of food in one sitting. Otherwise, they may not be receiving the full dosage at one time, which can slightly alter the intended effects.

3. On a Crunchy Treat

If your dog tends to graze rather than devour their food, go straight for a crunchy treat. Something with a decent surface area, like a milk bone, should do the trick!

Make sure that you are dropping the CBD onto the street slowly enough that the treat is absorbing it. Otherwise, it may rub off on your hand or drip onto the floor before your dog ever gets a chance to eat it!

4. In a Spoonful of Peanut Butter

If you want to really associate CBD dosing with a special, positive moment, consider mixing it with a spoonful of peanut butter! Pay close attention to how well the CBD is mixing into the peanut butter if you use a natural, oily brand.

Note that some peanut butter brands or substitutes contain xylitol, a chemical that is highly toxic to dogs. Most of the big names in peanut butter are safe. The ones to avoid are Go Nuts Co., Nuts ‘N More, Protein Plus PB, P28, and Krush.

5. Diluted with Water

If your dog seems to snub any food or treats covered in CBD, there is one more option you can try: diluting the oil with water. CBD for dogs tends to be tasteless and odorless, but some dogs are picky enough to notice nonetheless!

Since most dogs don’t guzzle down a full bowl of water in one sitting, we don’t recommend putting the drops into their normal water bowl. Instead, use a smaller container and add up to half a cup of water and your dog’s proper dose of CBD. If the oil seems to clump or sit on the surface, you can stir it up with a spoon or fork.

Then, you can either give this container of water to your dog or pour it over a small helping of food. As long as they finish the whole serving, they’re getting their proper dosage!

Dogs and CBD Go Hand in Paw

If your dog is struggling with issues like weight loss, high blood pressure, anxiety, and more, CBD could be the way to go. Now that you know how to give a dog CBD, talk to your vet about how much your dog can have per day.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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