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Electronic Signature Integration with SignNow for Maximum Productivity

With all the information technology advancements, it is difficult to see something surprising or entirely new. Electronic signatures have been around for quite some time already and it is easy to predict digitalization as any process will eventually become electronic. You can tell by looking at some of the biggest corporations on the globe that information technology solutions are the key. Despite this not being a new technology, there is still plenty of room for growth. E-signing is still fairly uncommon on a global scale, but luckily more and more businesses pick up this technology. Hopefully, SignNow will become your 2020 guide to electronic signatures.

If you want to keep up with the technology and provide the most convenient conditions for your employees, the e-signature software is a must. The positive effect of digital record keeping becomes clear almost immediately after integrating the software. Electronic signing and document management is considerably easier, faster and handier than dealing with the papers in a traditional manner. In the numerous reviews by SignNow clients you can see the beneficial features of the program and what makes it so desirable.

The Diverse Usage of E-Signature Solutions and the Benefits of SignNow

Often, business software products are designed for specific industries and companies. While other enterprises can still use them, they will not be able to achieve maximum efficiency. SignNow, in its turn, is a versatile tool for companies in various areas of business. Paperwork is an integral part of any possible company, which is why any business can benefit from SignNow and unleash its full potential. Take a look at some of the industries that are already using electronic signatures:

  • Healthcare – we all know how much paperwork is involved in any medical issue and how meticulously all the formalities should be met. Of course, urgent medical help is provided without signing the respective papers first, but in any case, everyone wants to receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible. With electronic signatures, the process of signing medical papers and bills becomes much easier and faster;
  • Governmental institutions – even for the most trivial document in the government to pass it takes such a long time and a lot of effort. This happens mainly because the usual paperwork becomes lengthier as more people need to sign or review a single document. With electronic software it is possible to partially or fully automatize this process and make it much faster and more convenient;
  • Education – the amount of paperwork involved in education is incredible, and it is crucial to have the high quality software for smooth record management. Being able to finish any document quickly is essential for both students and their professors or management. This is especially important for numerous foreign students as they are physically unable to sign the documents in person.

In reality, any enterprise will find electronic signature solutions equally useful. Any company or institution has certain amount of essential paperwork and it is always better to facilitate record keeping as much as possible.

There are plenty of e-signature solutions on the current market, although despite such abundance it is quite difficult to find an option that will satisfy all your corporate needs. This is why SignNow is so popular among users with its various handy features. Some of the benefits are:

  • Simple approach – one thing that makes a good app is the simplicity of approach. Even the highest quality software loses points if special training is needed to use it. SignNow can be utilized immediately even if the worker loads it for the first time;
  • User friendly interface – it is important to keep in mind that not only company workers will use the software. Clients often have to receive, sign and send documents as well. In order to make it easy for the customers, the developers of this program made sure to make it as simple and handy as possible;
  • Wide device coverage – each program needs separate versions developed for different operating systems in order to work. The majority of e-sign solutions are designed for either for PC or a certain mobile system. SignNow provides coverage for both computers and portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. This way you will have immediate access to your documents anywhere and anytime;
  • Security measures – despite cloud storages being safe for keeping the documents there, it is always important to have extra security. SignNow insures high quality safety solutions for all your files.

The Variety of SignNow Features

SignNow is being used by more and more clients each day because of its versatility. This software is not a simple program for electronic signatures, but a multipurpose tool for working with documents. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Different signing methods – signing documents digitally is very simple with SignNow. You can either use an uploaded photo of a signature, draw one yourself or type in your name;
  • Adding logos – a company logo is the integral part of your branding and adding this unique design to your files will be beneficial for gaining more recognition;
  • Many possibilities for customization – in order to make the editing quicker and easier for everyone, you can make only certain parts of the document open for implementing changes. Whether you only need a signature or also want the recipients to choose from a list or add some extra info, there are special text boxes that you can add.

Based on the comments left by SignNow users online, this software remains the most accessible and useful on the modern market.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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