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5 Simple Ways to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Career

Getting a start is always a little hard thing. Posting content on social media and desiring to start a career as a content marketer are two different things. After watching some videos, staying on social media for a long time, reading some books, people think that we can start a career as a content marketer.

Although these things are valuable for an entry-level but not enough to build you as a brand. For this, you need some professional guidelines, valuable knowledge, and some practical work.

Content marketing is going to be one of the most demanding occupations. Experts of this field are in huge demand. The growth rate for this occupation has raised by 10% which is higher than the average rate on any other filed.

We are about to discuss some valuable ways to start it as a career.

Polish your research skills

The one who is making a living from this career can tell you the value of research. Research is a thing that can make or break the quality of content. Research is not only to find stats and figures.

It is to give value to your customer’s desires. Valuable and researched content always attracts the audience. And the poor or outdated research can ruin your reputation.

It’s one of the top qualities of a good content writer that he understands the audience’s motivations, desire, pain points, and interest points. You should also understand your competitor to make a better marketing strategy and the notable points should be,

  • What kind of content they’re producing?
  • Quality of content
  • Gaps they are not aware of
  • Response of the audience to the content
  • Demand of audience

By following these simple steps your research skills could be enough to start a career.

Building professional writing skills

Writing is considered the top skill to be a content marketer. One has to be perfect in writing content for this profession. This is the reason that people who want to start a digital marketing career are advised to start writing as a copywriter.

There Is a huge difference between writing a thesis or research paper and writing web content. But by starting as a writer you will become familiar with all sorts of writing styles. And after some time, you could be a perfect one and unreplaceable for writing marketing content.

There are some key points to write winning content.

Plagiarism free content

Plagiarism free content is the most important factor of a winning content strategy. Content should be unique and researched base. It creates a bad impact on the user if they found the content, plagiarized. It also affects the SEO factors to rank on any search engine and is described as a criminal act. A quality free plagiarism checker can be used to ensure a plagiarism free and unique content. There are a number of plagiarism checkers available but it’s hard to find an authentic one.

Quality of content

The quality of your content should be ensured. Always try to add quality research from an authentic source and add their links to the content. It creates a really good impact on the user and builds trust toward you. There should be no grammatical errors in the content. Make sure to proofread your content before posting.


Content should be readable for every kind of user. It should be written for humans to read and not for search engines. A simple kind of format should be used with simple and quality wordings to make it attractive and highly readable for the audience.

Experts Knowledge

It’s relatively a new field and constantly evolving, Involving a ton of experiments. So, it’s important to take experts’ advice and learn from their successes and mistakes. It will help you to understand and evaluate your strategy and to have a blueprint of your strategy’s results.

A lot of valuable knowledge is available on the internet for readers to learn from experts. You can read their books, blogs, and researches for better understandings. It can build auditing skills to design a better marketing strategy and to find mistakes before getting hit by them.

Aside from learning from the experts, don’t dismiss formal education either. Degree programs tailored to digital marketing and digital media are found everywhere, especially online programs that can easily be completed at home. The market outlook for these types of careers will continue to climb and so will the number of qualified professionals needed to fill the gaps in these new and emerging roles, so never stop learning.

Polish your communication skills

According to a survey, communication is a top demanding skill by employers for fresh hiring fresh marketers.

So, it’s a skill that needs to be worked on. And the best thing is that could be done by doing work on yourself on your own. You don’t need to spend money on enhancing or polishing your communication skills. You can read books, listen to lectures, and read valuable blogs for this. It will make you a better marketer and more employable in this industry.

Importance of portfolio

A client has no reason to believe your skills until he could see them. The only way to satisfy your clients while getting new projects is to show them your professional portfolio. Without having a portfolio, you will not be able to find new projects. So, it’s a must-do step to create a little portfolio.

Which can show your skills? You can create a portfolio website, social media pages, or add links to your previous work.

In a survey of 2017, 64% of employers prefer to hire people having relevant experience.

Build yourself as a brand

Building yourself as a content marketing brand shows the actual picture of your content marketing strategy. If you are unable to build yourself how you could build any other brand. You need to be recognized by the people as one of the top marketing agencies.

The best way is to have existence on all kinds of social and professional media platforms. The next step is to have an active and professional attitude towards the clients. All platforms should be equally responsive to the client. It builds trust and worthiness in the professional market. According to experts, paid campaigns are one of the best methods to target the desired audience and build trust. Paid campaigns make people remember your brand. Other than this there are a number of methods available to promote your own brand.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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