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Top 5 Books about Gambling Strategies for Beginner in 2020

Most gamblers do not spend time reading books regarding gambling or casino games as they find it is wasting time to study on the subject and most believe gambling is about luck or feelings. That is not entirely true, some gambling books provide insights, accurate information, and practical strategies that will assist you in getting to your gambling goals, whatever that may be.

Luck and no deposit bonus offers is not the only thing you need to win in gambling. Proper skills and knowledge can take you further at the poker or baccarat tables. Many gambling books are the best source of inspiration for many readers to understand the betting systems and generate ideas on how to beat the system. Here is the list of 5 popular maxbet gambling books that are agreed by many and the strategies are widely applied in the games, of which money can buy in 2020.

1. Gambling 102 – The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

Most of the gambling books only provide an introduction on the games and tutorials on how to play the games, it is more like gambling 101. However, Gambling 102 is taking you to another level by teaching you the best way to win with the least effort. Written by Michael Shackleford, the author had spent a year at the casino to produce his work, this book is a combination of his mathematical knowledge and gaming experiences in various casinos. If you are good at numbers and believe in the power of mathematical calculation, this will definitely be a good read.

2. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game

This book tells you not only how to play in the casino games, but also how to win the games. Written by Peter Svoboda, this is a great book for both experienced gamblers or newbies, as the book acts as a guide to let you play at any casino tables or slot machines with full confidence. Although the content is full of illustrations and basic instructions, if you read closely, you will understand the author is trying to explain everything as simple as he could on how to play and win at any casino games. From major casino games to how to play them skillfully even as a beginner.

3. Roll The Bones

Experience is always the best teacher. However, in the case of gambling, it is better to learn through others’ failures and successes without hurting your own pocket. Roll The Bones is more like a storybook than a guide. Written by David G. Schwartz, the book is an impressive first-hand experience of the author telling of his gambling journey. From the history of gambling to the evolution of gambling throughout the years and today’s modern casino system. From the traditional table games to revolutionary online gambling platforms, the author also wrote about some of the famous gamblers in the history of mankind and how they did it. In this book, the author shared his experience on how to avoid playing like some famous gamblers who lost huge sums of money by using not-so-clever tactics.

4. Sports Betting For Dummies

Are you interested in sports betting but have no idea how or where, to begin with? This is THE book for anyone who wants to learn how to understand sports odds and betting lines in a short period. Sports betting can be really confusing for beginners but fortunately, this book explains it all – from basic to advanced sports betting. It is a comprehensive guide to sports betting written by Swain Scheps with the aim to teach newbies from A to Z and also how to make profits from sports betting in the long run with a very detailed guide on how and when to bet in a sportsbook.

5. The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told – A True Tale of Three Gamblers

Written by Mark Paul, this book is an inspiring personal experience about the world of horse racing, one of the best real-life gambling stories ever told to be read if you love horse racing. The story of Paul and his friends in the book is a good read for those who enjoy tales of adventures and horse racing. It is based on a true story of how the author and his friends won large sums of money from betting on horse racing.

A good gambling book can let you master certain skills and gives you motivation and inspiration to play like a professional. However, it is important to keep this in mind that these books are more like a guideline, you should play with self-control and always check your financial strength and make sure you do not go overhead or controlled by your emotions. Successful players never rely on their gut feeling or luck as many thought, but rather play the game skillfully and strategically by using unique tactics to turn the table. It is recommended to read some excellent gambling books before proceeding to casino tables, understand the gambling processes and tactics which can help you win the game or even turn your losses into profit.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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