8 Ways To Mark A Fake Texas ID

How can you tell if your Texas ID is fake?

You are not McLean. You will never use a fake ID! They can cause a lot of trouble to people, yet they are everywhere. If you are a server or bartender then you need to know how to spot fake ID. Otherwise, you could get some jail time. We’ve outlined eight ways to mark a fake ID in the state of Texas below.

1. Raised level

Run your fingers over the top of the ID. If you notice any kind of surface above the text or image, it is a red flag that it is fake. The pieces on the real ID will be completely smooth and flat to the touch. Raised levels may mean that new text or graphics was placed on top of the original.

2. Magnetic strips

At the back of the ID, there should be a magnetic stripe. Of course, the shape of the black magnetic stripe is easy to replicate. But you can scan it through the register to see if any of the information on the front of the card matches what you see on the screen when you scan it.

3. Ultraviolet ink

Original ID cards contain ultraviolet ink that you can see by holding the license at an angle under the light. It’s shiny, and the Texas IDs have the word “Texas” written in ultraviolet ink under the laminate.

4. Microphont

Too many bouncers rely on whether an identity is fake. Microprint is exactly what it looks like – very small printed text. It is usually scattered throughout the card. But in Texas, it can be found around the flag and the state seal. Fake IDs usually show fine lines instead of printed text.

5. Wrong spelling and grammar

Look carefully for spelling and grammar errors that may appear in a city, state, or date of birth. Also, look for blurred text.

6. Compare IDs

If you’re not sure if someone gave you a fake ID, you can compare it to an ID in the same situation.

7. Body language

Even the best fake identities can’t hide a person’s anxiety. Look at the customer’s face and body language when you check your identity. This is a great way to show that if a person is nervous, they lack eye contact; they may have to step back a little bit; and tremble with trembling knees.

8. Personal photo

Very young people will use their older siblings’ identities to buy alcohol. They may have been told that they look like siblings that they don’t even think twice when they use it. However, the ID itself is not fake. So, you really have to compare this person to the picture.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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