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PDF Converter Tools: A Quick Conversion Process with GogoPDF

It is incredible how technology changed how we deal with files and documents. In today’s time, working with files has become manageable with the invention of electronic files. Documents are now easier to keep and organize since it is all inside your computer’s hard drive. However, we may also face challenges when working with electronic files, like converting files to a different file format.

Hence, it would be best to have a reliable tool to use if you need a quick fix on your electronic files. Modifying, converting, and editing PDF files can be tricky without a useful PDF tool that can help you out. This article will talk about a PDF tool that offers nifty features and services that would solve all your digital file problems.

What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online converter tool that enables its users to view and modify PDF files even at their smartphone’s convenience. It can convert files from PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to Word, and PDF to PPT for free! It also makes handling your files more comfortable by letting you convert any file formats to PDF, so you won’t have to download various applications to open them.

It may seem that it mainly focuses on converting files; however, the tool also allows you to compress, repair, merge, and split PDF files without a charge. They also have the most simplified conversion process that you can transform your files within seconds. The steps are well written that even new users or first-timers won’t find it difficult to follow.

There are only four steps to convert PDF files to any file format or the other way around. It won’t be an issue if you want to work with different file types since GogoPDF supports conversion with all file formats. And the cool thing is, the process is still going to be the same. They made sure to remove anything that would complicate the process.

Convert with GogoPDF

The process of converting files with GogoPDF is simple and straightforward. They are known to have a quick conversion feature, which allows users to convert files within seconds. They also have laid out instructions on how to use their online converter tool. The conversion process was divided into four steps; here is the step by step process in converting files with GogoPDF:

First Step of Conversion

The first and initial step is to upload the file you wanted to convert. You have two options to do this: You can click on the Select Files button from the converter box on the screen then choose the file from your phone or computer’s storage. You can also drag the file from your computer then drop it to GogoPDF’s website.

Second Step Conversion

After the file gets uploaded, the tool will start scanning and extracting it before converting it. Once all is set and done, you can now click on the convert button, which initiates the conversion process.

Third Step Conversion

You don’t have to do anything during this part. This step only requires waiting, yes, waiting for a few seconds, and letting the conversion process complete. When GogoPDF said it’s a quick conversion, they were not kidding.

Fourth Step Conversion

Once your file has been successfully converted, you can already download and save your newly converted file on your computer device or smartphone. You can also share it with anyone who needs it by sending them the unique link provided after the conversion.


GogoPDF is an all in one tool for all of your PDF needs. As written above, it isn’t just your typical converter tool but an all-round tool that can merge, split, compress, and edit PDF files without paying a single amount of money.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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