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10 Must-Have Survival Items for Hunting

When going out in the forest, all you can rely on is your hunting gear. As the traveling is long and one might even have to do some hiking, it is best to carry only necessary items without going the extra weight. Selecting the best items for hunting plays a key role in one’s survival.

One must determine potential possible problems that they could face while being out there, such as what if we broke our leg or what if we got lost.

Determining these problems will help to think out the solutions for them and select those hunting items that might help overcome these potential issues.

Some of these items have been listed down below:

Water Bottle

The water bottle is the most important item one must-have when going hunting. It is best to have a good size bottle, to have a good amount of water stored with you when traveling. Water is required not just to stay hydrated but in case of emergency as well.

Local Map and Compass

This item is useful as it helps from getting lost in the wilderness. Knowing where you are going or what your current position exactly is, saves you from the trouble of getting lost.

Also, you could track your steps back with the help of the map. In case you don’t know how to use one of these, it’s best to take some guidance before going out with them.

First Aid Kit

When it comes to a first aid kit, it’s best to have at least bandages, tapes, and strips for small cuts and bruises. However, if you are worried about large cuts, you could consider buying a QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze.

For headaches or other painful problems, pain medications can be a simple solution to take along with for relief of pain.


There are chances that when you go out for a hunt, you might lose sight of the time when tracking an animal. It might lead to tracking that animal even at night, so the flashlight helps keep sight of the path and its surroundings when tracking.


A pocket knife can easily be kept in one’s pocket. Pocket Knives are very handy tools and are used for many purposes, such as rope cutting, food slicing, gear opening, first-aid purposes, or defensive purpose.

People often use pocket knives to skin their prey once it is killed. They usually measure up to 6 inches and are very sharp all the time.

Night Vision Goggles

For the people who set out hunting at night, this item is very useful—these goggles can detect infrared energy for viewing visible images. For more information on which night vision goggles might be best suited for the hunt, you can check out the following link best night vision goggles.

Tents & Shelters

These are not the lightest survival items a hunter has to carry; most of them might even weigh more than 10lbs, but they are needed items if you have to spend one or more nights in the forest. You could buy good tents & shelter from here.


The blanket like the tents & shelters will come in handy if one needs to set up camp in the forest, whether it was planned or due to the circumstances where you lost sight of time while tracking down an animal. The best part is that they neither weigh much nor would consume much space.


Lighters are a useful tool, and you might never know at what point in time they could come in handy. You could use it to start a fire if camping out at night or if you get hurt, you could use it to call attention to yourself. The smoke led out from the fire would signal your companions and help them pinpoint your location.

Small Mirror

A small mirror is practically used as a rescue item by reflecting the sun’s light; it helps your group or the helicopter, searching for you, to come to your aid. However, on cloudy days this item is not very helpful.


Whether you are going out for a hunt alone or with a group or plan to stay on the adventure for a longer time, it is best to have a checklist beforehand ready for all the items and tools you would take on your journey.

Also, it would be best to do some exercise to have the strength to carry out the hunting items along with you.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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