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Become a Low-Key Gaming Pro With These Proven Gaming Tips

Today, over 3 billion people in the world play video games. What was once considered nerdy is now mainstream. In fact, it’s even considered cool to be into gaming!  Allied PC can help you to have a budget-friendly gaming computer.

Because of this, you might want to hone your video game skills so you can have some bragging rights. But where should you even begin? You only have so much time to dedicate to gaming, after all!

If you want to become a pro gamer, then you’ll want to read on. Here are some proven gaming tips to put into practice!

Consider Your Gear

For musicians, they say the instrument is almost just as important as the musician’s skills. You can definitely apply the same concept to video games. Of course, having good gear won’t automatically make you a fantastic player, but it can certainly make it easier to hone your skills and grow as a gamer!

Here are some of the things you should think about and maybe replace if yours are mediocre.

Gaming PC or Laptop

A gaming PC (or laptop) isn’t a necessity, but it can really help you have a leg up on your rivals. This is because gaming devices are made with parts that are optimized to display graphics smoothly. In games where split-second decisions need to be made, it can mean the difference between a snipe or being sniped yourself.

You might think that gaming rigs are all expensive, but you’d be surprised to know that some are actually very affordable. Also, because they can double as a work device, it’ll be money well spent.

Gaming Mouse

If you don’t already have one, consider getting a gaming mouse. And you should opt for a wired mouse instead of wireless. While wireless is more convenient, there’s the potential for higher latency, which can also affect split-second decisions.

Gaming mouses come in all different shapes and sizes, so try some out if you can. Some even come with weights so you can experiment with what feels right for your hands.

The more buttons a mouse has on it, the better. This means you can set more key bindings, which is important for games like Fortnite.

DPI settings are a must as well. These can help you out in shooting games where you need different sensitivities for each gun you use.

Gaming Headphones

Regular headphones (or even earbuds!) just won’t suffice for gaming. This is especially true if you’re playing FPSes where you need to hear where your enemies are coming from or where special items are.

Gaming headphones are made especially for gamers like you who need to notice every detail. You’ll be able to tell in an instant if an enemy is above or below you, or if an item has just spawned, which can give you a huge competitive edge.


Yes, stock keyboards can be alright to play with. But you don’t want to be just an alright player, do you?

If you want professional gamers’ streams, you might notice that they use mechanical keyboards. And no, they don’t just sound nice either.

These keyboards have keys that are not only more responsive and tactile, but also more accurate for keystrokes. Have you ever had a game where you lost because your E key decided not to work, or the W key responded instead? There’s much less of a chance of that happening with a mechanical keyboard!

Just like with your mouse, you should highly consider getting a wired keyboard instead of a wireless one. This can decrease the chances of latency messing with your gameplay.

Now that you have these gaming setup tips, let’s move onto some tips for actual gaming!

Focus on One Game at a Time

There are some gamers who can pick up any game and be a natural at it. But for most people, it takes some work and time to get good at video games. So you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin.

Instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, just pick one game to start with. Invest all your time into it, and once you get good at it, then you can think about picking up another game.

Ideally, you’ll want to stay within one genre. For instance, if you started with a first-person shooter (FPS), then you’ll want to pick another FPS to play after. That way, not only do you carry over skills to the new game, but you get to retain them, no matter which game you’re playing.

Familiarize Yourself With the Game in Single-Player Mode

If you’ve ever had experience with any other games, you’ll know that it’s no fun to play against noobs. Because they barely know what they’re doing, this ruins both teamplay and competitive games. So you don’t want to be that person.

So before you just into multiplayer mode, familiarize yourself with the game in single-player mode first. Take the time to learn all the controls, shortcuts (if there are any), and how to maneuver your character. If there are maps, learn these too so you’re not lost during games.

Don’t press “skip” on loading screens either. These are usually chockful of helpful tips that will help you figure things out much quicker.

If you can, practice your skills against bots in single-player mode. When it feels insanely easy to beat them, and/or you feel comfortable with the controls, then you just might be ready for gameplay with real people!

Practice With Friends of Higher Skill Levels

Chances are, you have some friends who enjoy the video game you’re into. And there are probably a few who are of a higher skill level than you are.

They might be more than happy to help you out with some practice. After all, once you get good, you can become either a worthy adversary or valuable teammate!

When you get to practice with people you know instead of strangers, it can help you grow as a gamer much quicker. They’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong in a constructive manner and they’ll also give you helpful hints and tips.

Do Some Reading

The internet is a rich treasure trove of information, so use that to your advantage! Long gone are the days where you had to drive to the store to pick up a strategy guide. Today, all you have to do is log on and you’ll find tons of info on the game you’re currently playing!

So when you’re taking a break from gaming, do some research. Other gamers have written up strategy guides and they also congregate on message boards like Reddit to discuss things. You’ll definitely benefit from these conversations and might even make friends to practice with!

Watch Professional Streamers

People don’t just watch esports for fun. Many gamers like you watch the pros to pick up on key strategies to utilize in their own gameplay!

The next time you sit down to eat, consider putting on a pro streamer instead of Netflix. You’ll be able to see how they handle certain high-pressure situations and we bet that you’ll discover some things that you would’ve never even dreamed up!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Last but not least, if you want to be a pro gamer, you have to practice! Most people think that being a pro gamer is all fun and games, but in reality, it can be just as grueling as any other job.

Think about it: with over 3 billion gamers in the world, it’ll be quite difficult to rise above the sea of competitors to stand out. So you can’t just play your video games casually, not if you want to get good.

One of the most important things is to get the hours in. The more you play and practice, the more second-nature things become to you. Before you know it, you’ll be able to pull off some of the most difficult maneuvers in your sleep!

Become a Pro With Our Gaming Tips

By following our gaming tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro gamer!

Of course, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. If your aim isn’t to become a well-known and/or highly ranked player, then don’t push yourself so hard. If your hobby soon becomes a chore, then that might be the time to rethink your priorities.

Otherwise, get your optimal setup, read up on strats, practice, and improve your gaming skills to own your friends at your favorite games!

For more gaming PC tips and tricks, make sure you check out the rest of our articles!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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