Benefits of 4-Wheel Steering Wheel Lawn Tractors

Are you considering buying a four-wheel steering lawn tractor? Four-wheel steering lawn tractors provide excellent maneuverability and trimming advantages over that of two-wheel-steering equipped lawn tractors.

Great for Beginners

A lawn tractor offers ease of use with its conventional steering wheel and foot controls. You are able to push the pedal and go, just like you would with your car at home. When you want to slow down, you just release the gas and press the brake. A lawn tractors equipped with hydrostatic transmission provides a smooth response making it easy to operate at consistent speeds.

Tighter Turns

Four wheel steering systems allow you to control all four wheels on your lawn tractor, giving you the availability to make a single tight radius turn. This feature is especially useful when navigating through trees, flower beds, and other obstacles throughout your lawn.

Easier on Turf

Better maneuverability can help avoid cutting hard to reach places awkwardly. Inconsistent cut length, or worse, tearing up the turf entirely, can be all to easy if you take the wrong approach. While you still should plan out how best to mow your lawn, you’ll have more freedom deciding just how best to accomplish the task.

Hillside Mowing

When mowing a hill, you need to know the degree angle of the slope. There are lots of guides online that help you calculate this. Alternatively, you can download an app for your phone that makes it incredibly easy to calculate. On a standard lap bar zero turn mower, your front tires are just casters, this means that they are unable to properly support you while mowing on a hill. The only thing that is properly providing traction are the back wheels. This means that you can find yourself in a constant turf tear situation.

In contrast, the steering wheel lawn tractor is directly attached by a linkeagle to the front tires, so when you turn the front tires the machine will turn. However, it is aided by two transmissions that are mechanically linked to the transmission. As you go down your cut line, you can go parallel to your cut line and eliminate turf tear. This creates a much cleaner cut. You can also turn on the hillside with ease and the quality of cut on the hill is superior than with front casters and a lap bar.


In addition to its maneuverability and ease of use. Lawn tractors have a whole world of attachments available that allow you to do anything from snowblowing to ground engaging work with a tractor shovel, spraying, spreading, mowing and much more. This will allow you to keep making use of your lawn tractor through all four seasons.

There are lots of in-depth guides available to help you navigate the world of riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn mowers. Check out the new Ultimate Guide to Lawn Tractors from Cub Cadet for more useful insights into what to look for when buying and using one of these machines.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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