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Could Live Casino Inspire a Rise of Other Live Entertainment Options?

Before Twitch became a household name and Facebook Live took the world by storm, the online casino industry had already started adopting live streaming technology for its games. The aim of developers behind digitalized gambling has always been to recreate the real-world experience, and a live casino is the closest way to achieve this. This way of playing is now popular all over the world, and it could end up influencing a greater number of live options in other areas of the entertainment industry.

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Live Casino is One of the Most Popular Ways to Play

In the early days of live casinos, sites offered traditional favorites like blackjack and roulette. But, as the platform has developed, operators have aimed to attract a broader range of players through unique and original offerings. For example, when you visit the website, you will see that there are new-fangled options like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live and Buffalo Blitz Live. These titles provide an opportunity for people who aren’t interested in traditional gambling games.

Online casino operators, such as, are putting a great deal of focus into their live casino libraries because they know how much people enjoy playing in a real-time situation. Live streaming provides a link for people at home to get in touch with a live dealer, who provides them with entertainment there and then. This is a more immersive and engaging experience than playing solo games, and players get a sense of the vast number of other people playing at the same time. In some circumstances, there is even the chance to comment in a chatbox, and this can result in a response from the dealer.

What Other Forms of Entertainment Could go Live?

There’s no doubt that other sectors of the entertainment industry are eying online casinos enviously, as live streaming in the gambling scene has advanced at an incredible rate. Streaming is changing the way people watch films and television, but there aren’t many live offerings on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

One sector that could benefit greatly from the rise of live streaming is theatre. Stages on Broadway and London’s West End, along with smaller production companies around the world, rely on drawing in viewers from their catchment area. Without live streaming, someone in Australia can’t enjoy a play in London without traveling, and that would take 23 hours according to

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It can be a difficult task attracting audiences these days, and suggests theatres need to use modern methods. One strategy could be to create content that’s specifically designed for online audiences to watch via a live stream. There could be staff members monitoring chat boxes and relaying information to actors to foster an interactive experience. Some theatres have already delved into live streaming, but they could benefit more from the emergence of a dedicated platform such as a Netflix equivalent for the stage.

The rise of live streaming at online casinos has been astounding, and the diverse range of games highlights how broad the audience is for this medium. Other sectors need to make the most of live streaming, with theatre being one area that could particularly benefit.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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