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Tips on how to Watch UFC on Fight Night

Tips on how to Watch UFC on Fight Night

The biggest and most accredited promotion company for MMA has to be the UFC. They host a weekly fight night along with a monthly pay per view even. Unfortunately, these fights are not always the most straightforward to watch, especially the larger monthly fights. With this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best ways you can catch your favourite MMA fights wherever you’re in the world.

Whether you’re a one-night wonder who dips in and out of selected fights or a true fanatic dedicated to the world of UFC, we have the viewing for you. Catch all the greats such as Khabib, Mcgregor, O’Malley, and Nunes in the best way possible. With this better viewing, you could even place a bet on the night to make the fight night that little more exciting.

So, where in the world can you catch these fights?

Kayo Sports – Australia

Kayo Sports is the Australian partner of ESPN granting this channel entire access to UFC content, all at a great price. You can find deals from basic to premium, each giving you different options to play with. The basic package comes at $25 a month and allows you to stream two screens at the same time, while for just $10 extra, you can opt for the premium package giving you simultaneous viewing for up to three devices.

Out of the two packages, the premium deals give you better value for money. In addition, the option to have three devices playing at the same time gives you the opportunity to share with friends taking your overall price down to just over $10 a person.

A Kayo Sports subscription also allows for other sports, so if you like to watch football, formula 1, or even cricket, you’re covered. For those who aren’t sure, Kayo has a 14-day free trial that lets you dip your toes into the world of sports viewing, allowing for a try before you buy.

BT Sports – United Kingdom

If you’re in the UK or Ireland, all UFC broadcasting rights are owned by BT Sports. For true lovers of MMA, this is great as BT Sports play every UFC fight that is televised as a standard to their packages. This coverage almost always comes with pre and post-match analysis too.

The great thing about BT Sports is that they show the extra events that require an additional fee for some channels at no added cost. Pay per view is becoming more costly, while BT Sports subscribers get those events at no extra cost. This is seen in some other countries, but UFC fans in the UK are fortunate with this one.

Having a BT Sports subscription also gives you complete access to the BT Sports app. This app can be accessed via your smartphone or through a laptop, meaning no matter where you are, even on the train, you’ll never miss a fight again. With the latest BT Sports offering, you can even get access to everything sports-related without the commitment. Simply sign up and pay for whatever month you’re looking for sporting events.

When it comes to UFC, times vary depending on where the fight is taking place. For big card fights, the usual time for UK viewers is around 1 am BST Saturday night/Sunday morning. The main event is usually fought at about 3 am.


No matter what part of the globe you’re from, we all know about ESPN, and when it comes to UFC and MMA, ESPN should be the only choice for Americans on fight night.

You can grab amazing deals with ESPN paying only $13.99 a month, giving you access to ESPN+, Disney Plus, and Hulu. If ESPN is the only thing you’re looking for, check out their deals for just $5.99 a month.

Things do get a little pricier, with existing subscription holders paying $69.99 for the big fighting event when it comes to the monthly event. It is a little more expensive working out for new customers at around $89.98, but with this cost, you receive a year’s worth of regular UFC fights, so it’s well worth the money as this will set you back $59.99 alone.

The great thing about having an ESPN subscription is that you get full access to the entire sports catalogue they offer.

Sky Arena – New Zealand

There are some great options for UFC lovers who reside in New Zealand to watch your favourite MMA fights. The best is Sky Arena, showing all the major MMA events, usually to the sum of around $39.99, but this is a pretty typical amount when it comes to pay per view fights.

The more enthusiastic lovers of UFC who want to catch every fight night event will find solace in purchasing the UFC Fight Pass, giving you the availability to see all the MMA action.

TSN – Canada

There are a few different options for your viewing pleasure for lovers of the UFC who live in Canada. The monthly main events will always be available to watch via pay per view with most cable providers such as Rogers, Telus, Bell, Eastlink, and Shaw offering this kind of programming. This doesn’t come cheap, though. You can expect to pay anything around $65 for each big fight.

There is a much cheaper option for live streamers who prefer to watch their fights using the internet. The UFC fight pass in Canada is the same as in other countries. TSN is one of the highest-ranked streaming services offering viewing for $4.99 a day or $19.99 per month. With this subscription, you are given unlimited viewing, making it the most cost-effective option.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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