A Detailed Guide To Container Relocation Service In Canada

Whether relocating personally or using an end-to-end service, a moving container is a great way to transport all the stuff required to a new location. After all, transporting bulky items is no small feat, but with the right moving company, no one has to worry about finding a new home for their possessions at the last minute, especially when hiring an alternative to expensive movers. Relocating using moving containers allow for an all-in-one experience.

In Canada, container relocation services are not restricted to local moves as some handle long distances, be it home or business-related. What’s more? Clients have the luxury to move at their pace. So, less need for being frantic about the thought of being caught still packing. To crown it home, these services come with insurance to provide peace of mind. So, what are the things to know about container relocation services? Let’s find out.

What is a Moving Container?

Although the concept of moving goods using containers have been around since the 19th century, this provision is increasingly becoming popular in today’s world based on the fact it extends towards relocating homes and businesses. Moving containers, also known as pod containers are standard steel shipping containers that are designed to protect items while transporting them. Then easily store items due to their space-efficient structure.

Relocation Service Options

When relocating a home or a business within Canada and one needs to use a professional moving service, two options are available: moving containers and standard moving services.

Moving Containers

This service is tailored to those who only need the moving pods to move their belongings around. They bear the responsibility of loading and unloading their items. However, there is a truck provision to move them in-between homes. Most customers find this plan very affordable; however, it is restricted to apartments or condominiums.

Standard Moving Services

Similar to the moving container service, the moving company provides a vehicle to transport customers’ belongings from one location to another. In addition, they cater to loading and unloading such items, making the service more convenient. And if that isn’t enough, standard moving services are available for all sorts of homes. However, it is more expensive.

Benefits of Hiring a Container Relocation Service

Here are some reasons to consider relocating items with moving pods, compared to hiring a typical mover.

Moving at a Desired Pace

Hiring a moving container service puts a customer in charge of what, how, and when to move. Besides, the container is readily accessible, a few feet from the home to the parking spot. There is no need to rush to keep pace with the mover’s loading and unloading schedule.

But the DIY approach is a herculean task, why not even make the process easier and more seamless? Get the standard moving services. That way, there is less need to worry about handling all those items alone. Whichever way it is, the customer calls the shots.

Transport More Items with Ease

Hiring a traditional mover or going solo with the relocation process can be embarrassing if more space would be required to move one’s items, not forgetting the additional cost that comes with that. Moving containers take the stress off the shoulders as they are big enough to accommodate several different items at a go.

If a 40ft container is too large for a move, other sizes are available. And if the items are overwhelming, two containers don’t look bad at all. The moving company can provide expert advice on the size and volume to select based on the item and budget.

Available Private Storage

With moving containers, items are safely stored separately from other customer’s belongings. Furthermore, they remain intact throughout transit. The owner keeps custody of the lock to ensure optimum safety.

Delivery Flexibility

Not sure when to move? Or is there an urgent need to relocate immediately? Has there been a delay? Worry less, as moving container services are available anytime. A customer can take delivery of a moving container on any date of choice. Moving companies are available to schedule the available period suitable for any request. And if the customer is still unsure when to move, the moving pod will be waiting.

Zero Driving

At some points, hiring a moving container meant that the homeowner wasn’t only going to tackle the hassle of loading and unloading personal items, but the individual was also the driver. However, moving companies have become more customer-centric, making life easier for their customers. Using the container relocation service is as simple as loading the pod and calling the assigned driver.

Full Transparency

Moving companies provide clear quotes on their services and ahead of time. So, there is no surprise waiting for the customer throughout the hire period. If there is a significant change, they have the individual on speed dial.

Temporary Storage Solution

Thinking of remodelling the home but have no idea when to store the household items? Moving containers are the go-to choice for short-term storage. These pods house all belongings safely and securely until needed.

Container Relocation Service Costs

Hiring a moving container service comes with its costs, which can be calculated per mile or based on the home size. This factor also depends on the:

  • Moving container company
  • Storage time
  • Container material type

Steel containers are the most expensive to hire. On the other hand, wood containers are affordable, even though they don’t guarantee much safety. The cost of moving a container ranges from $2,600 to over $4,000. Some moving companies offer less than the price range, while others offer more. Then again, this depends on the number of bedrooms or miles.

Side Note

Delivering a moving container directly to a customer’s doorstep is feasible under the following conditions:

  • The HOA supports it
  • It is legal in the customer’s city
  • There is curbside parking or an accessible driveway


Anyone relocating within Canada can benefit from hiring a moving container to minimize stress, save time, and money. The best is that such individuals don’t have to own a truck or become licensed moving professionals to enjoy container relocation services. The only skill needed is the awareness of a few simple steps to follow, which have been discussed in this guide.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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