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Home Improvements for Autumn

The days are slowly getting shorter, and autumn is the perfect time to get those home improvements completed in time for winter, when you’ll be staying in most days to stay warm and cosy. We’ve compiled a handy list of tasks that make the most of the autumnal weather. 

Sort out the heating 

First on the list, and probably the most important, is to get your boiler and radiators checked to make sure they’re working perfectly for the winter. With the sun slowly disappearing and colder days creeping in, it’s important to get your boiler serviced before winter so you’re not without heating.  

Servicing your boiler annually means it will work efficiently and you’ll likely save more on bills as it doesn’t have to work harder. Not servicing your boiler can lead to bigger problems which are expensive to fix.  

Paint the walls 

If you’re bored of seeing the same white walls, it’s time to crack out the paint brushes and add some colour to your home. Pick colours that add warmth to the rooms and complement the natural light beaming through the windows. 

With the milder temperatures that accompany autumn, you’ll get a steady breeze coming through the windows to rid of the pungent paint smells a lot quicker, making it the perfect time to get creative. 

Prepare your patio for winter 

While the patio probably won’t get much use during the colder months, autumn is the perfect time to check for any cracks on your decking and get them fixed. Although the cracks may be small for now, if water enters them and freezes, they can expand and cause a bigger problem. Additionally, be sure to clean your patio furniture and store it away ready for next summer – you don’t want your seat cushions caught in the rain and snow!

Tidy away any stray tools and equipment, empty flowerpots, and toys to ensure nothing is damaged during rain and snow fall.

Clear the gutters 

With autumn comes falling leaves, which means your gutters are likely to be filled with them. It might not be the most pleasant of tasks but it’s an important one. Once you’ve cleaned them, install gutter guards to stop additional debris from blocking the channels, meaning less work for next year.  

So, which task will you start on first? These small improvements can result in a comfortable and well-maintained home and garden for you to enjoy during the winter months. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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