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7 Common Reasons A Motorcycle Battery Drains While Riding

Do you often wonder why your motorcycle batteries drain out? Well, they are the most important part of the motorcycle, and not working properly can be frustrating. One of the reasons for battery drainage can be its age. The more it ages, they tend to drain down. And that tends to bring down the efficiency of your motorcycle.

But it doesn’t end there! There are many more reasons as to why your motorcycle battery drains down while riding. And that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about in the segment below!

7 Common Reasons A Motorcycle Keeps Dying While Riding

A motorcycle is not just a vehicle; it is an emotion to a person who loves riding. And with that, they expect their motorcycle battery to work perfectly. But if that doesn’t happen, riders worry and look for ways to know why their motorcycle battery is draining down!

So, if you’re among those looking for the possible reasons why your motorcycle battery drains down while riding, read this article! Here are the following:

1. Your Motorcycle Battery has a Poor Terminal Connection

Poor battery performance of your motorcycle! Well, that is not good news at all! And one of the primary reasons can be a bad terminal connection. Terminals are tiny metal rods that are present on both sides of the battery.

And the cable connects both terminals. However, at times these might have a bad connection, which results in battery drainage while riding.

2. When the terminals are corroded

Another common reason which makes your motorcycle battery drain down tremendously is this one. Generally, this happens because of the battery acid that corrodes the terminals. And that creates a barrier between the terminals and the stator-connecting cable. All of which may result in running out of battery soon.

3. When you have a Faulty Stator

The third reason why your motorcycle might be running down on battery is when it has a faulty stator. Stator plays a vital role in charging your motorcycle’s battery when it is on. So, it implies that when you have a defective stator, you will lose out on your motorcycle battery quite quickly.

4. Faulty Rectifier or Regulator

The rectifier plays the role of an alternator and is connected to the stator through wires. The work of the rectifier is to convert the energy in a form that the battery can store, as a battery cannot store AC current.

If you have a faulty regulator or the rectifier does not work, it is natural that your motorcycle battery will not have power. The rectifier is not doing its job correctly; it means that the power is not converted into a voltage that the motorcycle is able to store. So, it means that the motorcycle battery is not getting more power.

5. Additional Electrical Elements Drain Battery

Nowadays, several electrical add-ons are introduced to change the rider’s experience. Of course, these add-ons undoubtedly make your motorcycle look great and make the rider’s experience much easier.

Some of these electrical add-ons are phone chargers, LED lights, and more. Many times, there are chances that the wiring might go wrong when installing these add-ons. Moreover, apart from that, these electrical pieces of equipment take up a lot of battery. All of which results in your battery draining out. So, if you have installed many of these add-ons on your motorcycle, and its battery keeps dying, it could be because of these.

6. The battery isn’t performing perfectly

At times, the sole reason for your battery to drain out is because it is faulty. It mostly happens when your battery turns old or expires. Generally, motorcycle batteries can last for around 2 to 4 years. But we would always advise you to regularly check these beforehand to avoid any problem!

7. Battery Cable is Loose

Last on our list, but not least, your battery can shut off immediately when your cables vibrate and become loose. Most of the time, motorcycles are designed in a way that the cable does not vibrate. However, there can be problems at times, resulting in your motorcycle battery shutting down.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our blog today, and now you must be aware of all the seven common reasons why your motorcycle battery is draining down while riding. So, be vigilant about these signs and get them fixed immediately.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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