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Cannabis in Canada: 6 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Online

The cannabis culture has evolved in the past years. Recently, significant changes have happened. As a result, many people and organizations now recognize its importance as a recreational and medicinal product.

Canada is the second country to legalize cannabis. The government legalized its recreational and medical use on October 17, 2018. In addition, the Cannabis Act legalized its cultivation, possession, sale and distribution.

Nowadays, cannabis-related products have become readily available. As a result, cannabis enthusiasts can now access a wide variety of products, with thousands of licensed dispensaries scattered across the country’s three territories and ten provinces.

The pandemic is still ongoing, and people no longer prefer to go to dispensaries physically. As an option, they have now turned to Mail-order-Marijuana (MOM). With the help of technology, ordering cannabis-related products are made more accessible.

Online stores can now deliver cannabis-related items to you so you can enjoy them to the fullest. These online dispensaries offer a variety of products such as flowers or buds, edibles, vape pens, concentrates, and even accessories.

Things To Consider

Nowadays, it’s easy to buy marijuana online in Canada, but there are six crucial factors you need to consider when you are choosing the best online dispensary:


You need to ensure that the online dispensary only sells high-quality products. These products must come from reputable cultivators and manufacturers, and they need to pass safety standards set by the government. Furthermore, these products need to pass strict external inspection.

To assist you, online dispensaries usually indicate the weed grades online. This information is made readily available to help you filter the quality of the product you are purchasing.

The rating will start from the lowest to the highest. So cannabis products are graded from A to AAAA based on CBD or THC-level, flower structure, trichome density, trim quality, terpene profile, overall flavour and effect.

Some online dispensaries offer 5A weed. These are considered top-shelf marijuana because of their potency, purity and freshness. The 5A grading is not related to a specific strain, but these kinds of weed are the best and highest quality weed you can buy weed online.

The most common high-quality marijuana or top-grade weed you can find will be Death Bubba, Gods Green Crack, King Louis XIII, Girl Scout Cookies, Alaska Thunder Fuck and MAC 1. Unfortunately, these are also the most expensive ones in the market.

If you plan to buy weed, but your budget is quite tight, you may want to check AAAA or AAA-grade products. There’s a lot of options under these two categories.

Strains such as Sour Buddha, Blue Widows, Holy Grain Scout Master, Acapulco Gold, Blueberry Haze, Gangster Kush, Great White Shark, Jamaican Dream, Zkittlez, OG Shark, Walter White are included in the Quad-A or AAAA weed grade.

The most common weed grade you can find in your local dispensary, and even online ones, is AAA. Strains such as Purple Kush, Skywalker OG, Platinum Cookies and Laughing Buddha are included in this category.


An online dispensary must value the data of its clients. Therefore, online security measures must be in place to ensure that everything will be encrypted. Data encryption is necessary to guarantee that the personal data of clients are in safe hands.


An excellent online dispensary should be a one-stop-shop. Therefore, they should offer a wide variety of products. Items such as flowers, edibles, vapes, and concentrates must be available so clients can find what they need.


There’s a variety of cannabis-related items online, and these products are not just for people who have deep pockets. The online dispensary must have a good partnership with many vendors, so cost should not be an issue.


An excellent online dispensary must be in partnership with the best transport companies. Why? Because as a client, you would want the product to arrive at their doorstep as fresh as possible. So, a quick delivery option is something that you need to consider.

Customer Support

The key to having an excellent online dispensary business is having a good relationship with clients. Therefore, a dedicated customer support team must be available twenty 24/7/365. So if you have any questions or concerns, you may immediately contact them for assistance.


Nowadays, buying weed is relatively easy. However, with the help of technology and with many online dispensaries offering a wide selection of cannabis-related products to choose from, it can be overwhelming at times.

But it’s essential to find the best online dispensary for all your cannabis needs because you need to ensure that what you are buying is not at the expense of your money and safety.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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