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The Dos and Don’ts For All Amazon Product Description Writers To Follow

Amazon has nearly 54 million members on its list as per the current record, and they are still counting. It has about 8,000,000 people in Spain, which is the most populous globally. To convince the buyer, an Amazon product description writer should write a catchy product description for an online seller.

Amazon product description writers follow this simple writing an appealing product description to engage its customers. It always comes in handy for everyone who wants a successful business on Amazon. If you are a seller, consider a buyer and contemplate the form of product description that is bound to entice you to purchase products from that particular webpage. A premium quality product description will help your Amazon sales go high and increase rank in the search results.

This article will discuss some do’s and don’ts that Amazon product description writers should consider while drafting a product description. So, keep on reading for more crisp information on the same. We promise; it will help you and your business skyrocket on time.

What Should A Potential Amazon Product Description Writer Do?

Staying Updated with Amazon’s Algorithm

The algorithm of Amazon is similar to the algorithm of Google, and it keeps on checking on search queries of keywords and tries to meet the customer’s desires with relevant products. By staying up to date with the algorithm of Amazon, Amazon product description writers can deliver the best for writing product descriptions.

This will eventually make your search results rank high. Each day Amazon tries its best to provide relevant keywords and reliable information. Since it is a self-contained platform, it has access to large amounts of data. We do not want you to be exhausted with problems. That is why this acts as a potential solution.

Implement The Power Of Alluring Titles

Titles are the most visible part of any content. They are the first thing that the readers read before getting into the main description of the content—the more interesting the title, the better search results. For an Amazon product description writer, creating captivating titles is a test of their knowledge and experience. For example- a title that is short yet effective is hands-down.

Titles are most effective when concise—titles less than 70 characters are best suited for sharing on any social media platform. The use of catchy phrases can make a major difference by grasping the customer’s attention.

Say ‘Yes’ To Relevant Keywords

The incorporation of keywords throughout the entire product description is essential, and it is one of the prime factors that grabs the customers’ attention. It is difficult for the customers to locate the website, and they tend to search the product based on keywords. We understand this problem.

An Amazon product description writer can add these pertinent keywords to their product description, closely related to the search query. They should be included so that they do not look unnatural. Choose one most popular keyword and include it so that it looks natural.

Track The Finest Amazon’s Rules

Amazon backend keywords are the search terms added to the backend of the product listing by Amazon’s sellers and vendors. These are used by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which combines products for search results. Effective use of these search terms can increase the chances of being located and increase sales.

By adhering to the rules and regulations of Amazon, there is a high possibility that your sales will increase. While writing an engaging product description, the Amazon product description writer should abide by all the policies issued by Amazon, and it will help them in high ranking.

Focus On The Target Audience

A great product description naturally attracts an audience. Targeting prospective audiences shall help Amazon product description writers create the correct content. For example- If you sell Maternity wear on your Amazon page, your target audience is pregnant women. That is why the description should be curated accordingly.

Defining the target audience by Amazon product description writer shall help in focusing on the right content for the right people rather than prioritizing great content. It helps in understanding the needs of the prospective customers, and it increases conversions. The targeted audience should select your product description.

Make The Most Of Bullet Points

Using bullet points, large text and complex descriptions are broken down for easy grasping. They attract attention and make the information stand out from the crowd. Readers generally prefer going through those descriptions, which are easy to read, and they tend to skip bunches of paragraphs.

Amazon product description writers should understand the usability of bullet points. The reader perceives these bullets as shortcuts to high-quality content. The best way of using a bulleted list is to maintain a uniform shape appealing to the eyes and appearing less messy. They should be the same length.

Description Of Benefits over Features

There is a basic difference between benefits and features. Benefits are the prime reasons that entice the customer to purchase a product or service. Amazon product description writers should emphasize the benefits associated with the products to increase sales.

It is seen that customers are attracted to those products and services which have additional benefits. Amazon product description writers should describe benefits over features to grab the prospective audience’s attention to purchase a product. It also highlights the sales efforts of Amazon online vendors.

What Should Amazon Product Description Writer Not Do?

Use Of Improper Grammar And Spelling Errors

Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes by Amazon product description writers can badly hurt the credibility of the product description. It is reported that about 42.5% of the customers do not get influenced to purchase a product due to grammatical errors, making the customer feel less favorable.

An Amazon product description writer should be especially aware while writing the description. A grammatical blunder can turn down potential customers and affect the credentials of the online vendor’s company. A minute spelling error captures the customer’s attention. As such, proofreading can be beneficial in such cases.

Updating A Plagiarised Content

Plagiarised content can affect product description severely since the product description is key to attracting potential customers. If an Amazon product description writer uses plagiarised content, it can also affect website traffic adversely. Moreover, there are high chances of SEO sending conflicting signals to the search engines.

Using duplicate content can further lower the performance of all other content performances. It creates a competition between the original and duplicate content. The reliability of Amazon product description writers can be affected if they are caught with plagiarized content. So, it is best to avoid plagiarism to enhance the uniqueness of your product description.

Use Of Over Complicated Language

Polite and simple language is more likely to tend to attract potential sales rates. To make the product description stand out from the crowd, lucid language is essential. For example- a poorly constructed or high-vocabulary content can easily make it difficult for your audiences to understand the content. As such, they will be more likely to go somewhere else where their time is more valued.

An Amazon product description writer should use only simple language readable and understood by any customer. The use of over-complicated language can make a customer feel less interested. As all customers are not equally qualified, simple language becomes very important for their easy understandability.

Product Description Generators

One of the important tasks for selling a product is writing product descriptions. 87% of customers purchase the product based on product description. A product description generator is a powerful artificial intelligence to bring out the premium quality product description.

Unlike Amazon product description writers, a product description generator uses natural language generation, which is not very friendly. There are many generators available in the market though. Deciding which generator is the best can be quite challenging, and the product description generator only focuses on the products. These generators compete with some professional copywriters too. So, you might want to consider that.

Excessive Use Of Templates

A product description template can undoubtedly grab the audience’s attention, and it can be customized with the inclusion of technical details. To avoid an exaggerated product description, Amazon product description writers should avoid excessive templates. Under any circumstance, if the language in the template is unclear or too descriptive, the prospective customer might turn it down.

The use of templates in the correct amount can effectively enhance sales. However, excess use of the same can make the description too elaborate for the website. The customer should get a pleasant experience when visiting the websites.

Large Blocks Of Product Description

Fluffy and meddled-up messages can make the customer lose interest in the product description. Amazon product description writers should keep in mind that it is not an essay or thesis. Communication of messages in lesser words is highly appreciated, and succinct should be adopted.

An Amazon product description writer should also make the description scannable. The use of bullet points can help break down lengthy descriptions to make the content easily digestible. The product description should also be very clear and highly readable. Large chunks of product descriptions can make the customer feel uninterested in purchasing the product. So, keep that in mind.

Why Amazon Product Description Writer Select VServe for A Standout Product Description?

Vserve efficiently conveys the product’s message to the customer, and it informs the clients about every feature and benefit of the product seamlessly. By developing premium quality content via their Amazon product description writer, they exceptionally create potential product content.

Some exquisite features of Vserve are as follows:

The features Are In Bullet Form

The Amazon product description writers avoid lengthy paragraphs and focus on short sentences written in bullet form.

Specifications Of The Product

The Amazon product description writers team delivers all the necessary and important information to the customer. The specifications are relevant and accurate.

Descriptions Are Both In Long And Short Forms

Their team of skilled Amazon product description writers create both long and short descriptions containing targeted keywords for boosting online sales.


These are the prime reasons behind selecting Vserve for product description services. They will help you. So, why keep waiting? Do not forget to like, comment and share this blog if you found it useful. Use Vserve today to see if we have genuinely delivered our promise in helping you find the best Amazon product description writer.

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