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8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

It’s not unknown that videos have left behind all other types of marketing tools and strategies in recent years. Gone are the days when marketers had to sit down and plan out new marketing strategies each year to achieve success. With the increasing popularity of videos, we can agree that videos are here to stay. Videos are revolutionary, futuristic, and can convey a lot of information quickly.

Hence, video marketing is something you should totally consider to promote and grow your business. However, if you still haven’t gotten into the field of video marketing, you may be having a lot of questions before starting off. You must be thinking about whether it is truly worth considering video marketing or not. Here’s your answer – it’s worth it, not because most other brands are doing the same but because the field of video marketing is versatile and full of possibilities. Here are the top 8 powerful reasons to use video marketing to grow your business.

Videos Boost Conversions and Sales

Did you know that adding product videos on your brand’s landing page can increase your brand’s conversions by 80%? That’s right; videos are so gripping that it helps the audience make faster decisions about purchasing a product. Studies have shown that 74% of the viewers buy a product after watching an explainer video on it.

Most people skip reading product descriptions nowadays, but they would love to be informed about the same through a video. So, now is the best time to start crafting your product videos.

Videos Show Great ROI

According to 83% of businesses, videos provide better returns to investments. Yes, video content production can cost a lot if you hire professionals, but if you use that big sum of money wisely to create videos that stand out, you will soon get back the amount you invested while making them. Plus, video makers are improving day by day and getting a lot cheaper. You can now get amazing video makers online for free or minimal cost and master their features to fulfill your needs.

You no longer need the best quality camera equipment or computers to edit your videos; you can do it all on a smartphone by simply taking out a day or two to master a video maker of your choice.

Videos Build Trust

The field of marketing is based on nothing but trust and loyalty. So, when you succeed in building a bond of trust with your customers, you can easily depend on them to spread the word about your brand. Thanks to videos, creating that bond of trust is no longer time-consuming. All you need to do is make video content that will engage with your audience and ignite their emotions.

Promotional videos, explainer videos, product reviews can foster trust among audiences like nothing else. There are some consumers who are skeptical while purchasing a product because they fear fraud. This is where effective video marketing strategies come in handy – once they see the responses, reviews, and faces behind a brand, they will surely overcome the fear. So many customers have shared that videos gave them the confidence to invest in a product from online websites.

Videos Appeal to Mobile Users

People now spend most of their leisure time watching videos on online platforms. Smartphone users are growing every day, and video consumers are also increasing simultaneously. Even though television advertisements have always been there, connecting with the audience through their mobiles and desktops is easier.

Video content for online marketing is way different from television advertisements. People often find advertisements on television hard to relate to, unlike online video content. Online video content is more appealing to audiences because they allow them to engage and voice their opinions online.

Videos Explain Things Better

Blogs about products were a thing a few years ago, and those days are slowly coming to an end because more and more people prefer to know more about a product through videos online. Not everyone is going to read the text instructions before using a product, and even the text instructions can be unclear sometimes. That’s why it’s best to make a video to explain your brand’s products in detail.

Explainer videos will provide your brand’s customers with a better understanding of your products and will also help you gain potential customers.

Videos Engage Even the Laziest Buyers

Video contents are not only a great tool to learn about products but also very easy to consume. Not everyone wants to spend their precious time reading the product description; they want to see the product in action to check its effectiveness. So, video marketing is the best way to make sure that your brand reaches everyone. Video marketing will help you reach a large audience and work on many levels (even the laziest ones!).

Videos Encourage Social Shares

The rise of social media has made marketing so much easier by allowing users to share video content with others. However, you must remember that most users share emotions and not facts. So, your focus should be on telling a story through your brand’s videos so that your audiences can have something to relate to while they get to know about your products.

Focus on storytelling and creating videos that entertain viewers because this will set a good impression about your brand to your audience. The more social shares your video content gets, the more you notice an increase in your website’s traffic.

Google Prefers Video Content

Since videos encourage audiences to spend more time on your brand’s website, search engines like Google will show that your websites have engaging content. And since Google owns YouTube, your videos’ ranking on search engines will increase significantly.

All you need to do is make sure that your videos are optimized on YouTube for SEO, write relevant titles and descriptions, and provide a link to drive traffic to your brand’s website.


If your videos tell a quirky and engaging story, your audiences would want to share them with others. Out of the box, video content will not be appreciated. Focus on including things in your videos that others don’t, and this, in turn, will increase traffic to your brand’s website. Start video marketing today and see your brand grow tremendously every day.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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