Lady From New Jersey Scores $3.5 Million Jackpot On iGaming Slot

The month of November 2021 was an exceptionally fortunate one for a New Jersey woman who likes to play at the best BTC casinos in Canada. She won $3.5 million from the Borgata Online Casino. With this win, she not only beat the country’s record for the biggest iGaming win ever recorded in the United States but also scored the highest score of her career.

The lady identified as Dori B. claimed that she entered the game after seeing where the top prize was, stating that she “just knew it had to happen soon.” The $3.5 million lottery prize, which breaks the previous record of $3.2 million set by BetMGM Casino in 2020, establishes a new bar for casino wins in the United States. The progressive Jackpot is available to players who play in-house at BetMGM casinos, such as MGM Grand Millions. BetMGM claims that it is the biggest progressive network in the United States.

BetMGM Information

BetMGM is one of the most popular online gaming companies in the United States. It is a joint venture of MGM Resorts International and Entain, a British online gambling company. BetMGM offers casino games, poker, and sports betting. It operates in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The company has been criticized for not being licensed in New Jersey, but it offers its services to New Jersey residents from outside the state. Bookmaker BetMGM and also provide sports betting as well as casino poker.

The Borgata Casino was one of the most successful casinos in 2020, generating over $341 million in profits during the year’s first ten months. The record-breaking win is a boon for BetMGM, which is locked in a battle with FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook for market share in the nascent sports betting market.

The win for Dori could just be the spark for other players to plunge into the games. The progressive Jackpot for MGM Grand Millions is expected to increase in the coming months. Now, in as much as it can be tempting to try luck at these games, it would be best only to bet responsibly and, of course, try a few tricks that would increase your chances of hitting the Jackpot. Here are seven suggestions that may help;

Tips to Maximize Your Chances of Winning a Jackpot

Make Sure You Have a Budget and don’t Exceed It

When it comes to gambling, it is important to always remember that you are playing with your money. Just like in any other game, if you don’t have enough funds to cover your losses, you’re going to be in for a tough time. So before you start playing, make sure that you know how much you can afford to lose and stick to it.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

When the going gets tough, it’s easy to get tempted into trying harder just so you can break even. However, this is a very dangerous mindset to have as it can easily lead to bigger losses. If you find yourself on a losing streak, take a break and come back later.

Play at Reputable Casinos

Not all casinos are created equal. If you’re looking to play at a reputable one, the safest bet is to try casinos regulated by either national or local authorities. These institutions have strict rules about how players’ funds are handled and even offer compensation in case of disputes.

Sign up for Newsletters

These messages usually contain valuable information on special offers, new games, and strategies that might help raise your chances of hitting the Jackpot. And if possible, always look for credible sources before taking any advice at face value.

Bet Small Amounts

This tip should be obvious, but it still bears mentioning because there are people who take the risk anyway. This practice involves placing larger bets than usual just so they can maximize their odds of landing the Jackpot. The problem with this is that you’re also risking more money, and there’s a higher chance of losing it all.

Gamble What You can Afford to Lose

This is another piece of advice that should be common sense but, sadly, isn’t for a lot of people. Just like in tip number 1, gambling with money you can’t afford to lose will only lead to heartache in the long run.

Have Fun!

Gambling should be a fun experience and not a stressful one. If you’re not enjoying yourself, then it’s time to take a break. After all, there are more enjoyable things that you can spend your time and money on.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Casino

  1. Customer service: A good casino would ensure that its players are well taken care of. This means fast response time and efficient resolutions whenever possible.
  2. The variety of games on offer: Casinos that offer a wide range of games are likely to have a higher payout percentage.
  3. The wagering requirements: This is the amount you have to bet before you can withdraw any winnings. A lower requirement is always better.

Can You Become a Millionaire from Gambling?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. While it is definitely possible to become a millionaire through gambling, the odds are stacked against you. In fact, most people who gamble lose money in the long run. But if you are lucky enough, you can hit the jackpot and become a celebrity after, and your story can even be told as a Vanity Fair story!

So if becoming a millionaire is your sole reason for gambling, then you’re better off looking elsewhere. However, if you’re simply looking to have some fun and maybe win a bit of money on the side, then go ahead and enjoy yourself!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to gambling, it is important to always remember that you are playing with your money. Just like in any other game, if you don’t have enough funds to cover your losses, you’re going to be in for a tough time. So before you start playing, make sure that you set a budget that you’re comfortable with and stick to it. This way, you’ll avoid having to sell off your belongings to cover your debts. And even if you do win big, remember tip number 5 and bet only what you can afford to lose, so you don’t risk breaking the bank by trying to get rich quickly.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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