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The Best Gambling Books you Should Read

Reading is essential, and the scope of this activity is wide. Whether you’re in the education sector, business, fashion, entertainment, it is crucial to read books.

As gamblers, however, have you ever thought that this activity might have an impact on your gambling knowledge and strategy? Did you know that there are so many gambling books to read that would help you discover new betting systems and find better ways to play?

There are a lot of books to choose from, and if you’re new to this, it might get confusing. Not to worry, though, because our expert review team at LeafletCasino has looked into the hundreds of novels available and has come up with a list of only the 5 best gambling books that every gambler should read.

Playing in casinos requires more than just luck, and each book mentioned carries adequate information on how to combine the necessary skills to survive. Let’s take a look.

Bringing Down the House

This book by Ben Mezrich is one gambling book you have to get. Despite being published in 2002, this fictional novel has a lot of details when it comes to the art of spotting in gambling that still applies today.

The book is based on the true story of a professor and his MIT students who devised a plan to run a casino house to the dust. The Blackjack team devised a plan of counting cards that would later help them make millions of dollars from so many punting houses in Las Vegas. There are so many books on gambling, but this one would make you want to find a casino urgently and try it out. Not only that, it would teach you to understand the strategies behind the slot machines and the winning system to get it all!

One of a Kind: The World’s Greatest Player

The author of this poignant story is Nolan Dalla. If your favorite pastime is a great game of poker, then this is the one for you. Here, the life of Stu Ungar would take you through so many highs and lows; it would have you asking a lot of questions and, at the end of it all, a deep melancholic feeling of loss and regret.

During his lifetime, Stu was both a success and a failure. He was the best poker player ever to walk the gambling industry to date. Although the entire book was completed after Stuey’s death, the history reported in the pages is not mere speculation. As a result of close relationships with the star himself, and other accurate information, Nolan wrote a brilliant masterpiece.

Despite Stu Yngar’s fame and success in the industry, he never really understood its value at the moment. He was deep into alcohol consumption and drug abuse, with both indulgences leaving him unconscious in some of his games. Although he went ahead to win the World Series of Poker, his life ended tragically soon after.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King

As a poker game player, you already know more to these games than meets the eye. It’s not just luck like everyone thinks it is; it’s way more than that. The reason why so many people hardly win is that they trivialize it. Written by Michael Craig, this is one of the top books that will offer a complete guide to gambling and sharp sports betting.

This book tells you about the highest stake poker game of all time, where a wealthy Dallas businessman challenges some of the best professional poker players in the globe. Andy Beal, the self-made billionaire, was prepared to put everything on the line, forcing the players to do the same. At the start of this competition that stretched out for months, each player was betting a stake of about $10,000 to $20000 per round. As the thrill intensified, the stakes increased, and soon there was about $20 million on the table.

You will enjoy the rides in this book and the sensation that someone could lose everything they have ever worked for with just a flip of the card. When you digest this book, you’ll get private insights into the mind of these professionals and finally understand how they think.

The Theory of Poker

This is one good gambling book where a professional poker player teaches you to play like one. While you might encounter different tactics on casino games, this work by David Sklansky chooses a business, tactical approach. At the end of this guide to casino gambling, beginners would find themselves equipped with adequate orientation to take up this game.

First, the grammar is easily written, and understanding comes quickly. Academic precision is used in dishing this information out, and you would be able to tell that every nugget here has been personally experimented with and well researched to give an adequate result.

After learning, you don’t have to wait till you find a brick-and-mortar casino to try your hand. There are so many Irish online casinos that are legitimate and trustworthy. While there might be hundreds of sites with claims of generous bonuses, only these top Irish platforms can give you the secure and reliable space to test your luck.

With these teachings in mind, you would flourish and succeed in these virtual sites.

Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling

The title of this book tells you all you should know about it. It’s that simple. In a bid to help players better digest gambling and how to strategically place bets, John Scarne thoughtfully decided to put this together. Between the pages, you would find helpful gambling strategies, wisdom nuggets, and personal experiences that would permanently shape your life.

It is great to pay attention and learn all these, especially now that this sport no longer needs luck. Men of gambling have turned to books for solace, and reads like this are what would help you put your foot forward. Scarne is a legend who knows the industry in and out and has played more than his fair share of games. He also has a great rapport with other men of the sports and has a lot of stories to share in this book.


Thanks to us, these books are treasures, but they are no longer hidden. You can pick up one of these and read for as long as you like. A real gambler knows that every tidbit of information is important in your quest for success, and with the above novels, you are well on your way to becoming more than just a professional.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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