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5 Sylvester Stallone Movies You Must Watch in Your 20s

The famous Rambo is one actor who has gained recognition as an action star over the decades and continues to maintain his muscle-rippling body. All Sylvester Stallone movies hold a unique place in the world of films. This iconic cinematic personality has the honor of having an enviable career graph.

Sylvester has received well-deserved recognition for his contribution to the cinemas. Interestingly when he started, Stallone seemed destined to fail in the movie business. However, in the mid-70s, he has built a praiseworthy body of work to his credit.

You can take inspiration from this iconic star’s best movies. According to his fans and the movie reviews, here are five of the most recommended Sylvester Stallone movies to watch as a young adult.

1. Creed

With Creed released in 2015, the boxer’s saga takes a new dimension and effectively so while staying true to the classic Rocky franchise roots. As the much-loved Rocky Balboa, Stallone shines yet again by delivering a powerful performance.

Despite being a Rocky sequel, Creed has deservingly carved a niche of its own. The movie compels you to stand up and cheer. Sylvester has outdone himself in this role and convincingly passes the boxing torch to the next generation.

2. Nighthawks

This solid action thriller made in the early-80’s is ahead of its time and costs around $5 million to produce. Stallone plays a police officer who strictly follows the book for the first time. His character firmly believes that due process emerges victorious even when there is a temporary emergency because of terrorism.

3. Cliffhanger

This tense, action-packed thriller appropriately showcases Stallone’s starry appeal. The movie begins with an enthralling sequence, and the visuals right through will make you gasp with wonderment.

Its special effects and gravity-defying stunt performances will surely leave you spellbound. Replete with high adventure, Cliffhanger makes you experience dizzying levels of escapism.

4. Demolition Man

Despite its action quotient, a cheerful modern classic, Demolition Man is weirdly light. Stallone again plays a cop without being a ruthless one. This sci-fi action comedy did impressive business worldwide with spectacular production and a quirky charm. There were initial plans of making a potential sequel, but somehow, Stallone’s franchises remained restricted to Rambo and Rocky.

5. Antz

This family entertainer is a fun watch that maximizes the use of technology. Thanks to its technically dazzling animation, good humor, and stellar voice cast, Antz is an appealing film across generations. It teaches you a worthwhile lesson about using your freedom of choice responsibly and for the good of all.


The fact that Sylvester overcame his struggles to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry is nothing short of commendable. Battling facial paralysis to create two iconic Hollywood characters is a feat no other actor can claim to have achieved.

Sylvester’s endearing characters and powerful performances strike a chord. His action keeps you on the edge of your seat and with your heart in your mouth. Undoubtedly, this icon is a true entertainer who has ruled the cinematic world for incredibly long.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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