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How to Improve Audio Quality in the Boardroom

Many people think that video quality is king when facilitating an important meeting. Well, guess what? Audio quality is equally important, and you should give it as much attention. After all, what’s a vivid picture if the sound is poor? It will not communicate the message clearly, just the same.

Factors that affect sound quality in conference rooms

Many variables affect how audio equipment performs in a boardroom or conference room.

One of the prevalent factors that may affect the sound quality is the presence of large whiteboards and video screens. They create an echo effect that can somehow make the sound unintelligible, so they also need suspension solutions that would help lessen the impact of this highly reflective equipment on audio quality. Of course, you need your screens mounted on a projector ceiling bracket in a prominent place.

Another thing that gets in the way of getting good sound quality is that most conference rooms are designed with too much glass, as part of the open office trend. The thing is, glass causes the audio to bounce around with an echo effect. Do you know what material helps create a better acoustic environment that absorbs sound better? Wood, fabric, and carpet. Those are your best friends. Those are the materials you must build with to help pacify the poor audio effect.

Furthermore, it also matters where you place the microphones as it affects how they produce and pick up sound. If the microphones are too far from the speaker, slated across the room, they could pick up too much outside noise and echoes. It can be difficult to resolve since most people want the microphones hidden.

Sound absorptive wall panels are your best resorts

But how can you integrate the use of wood, fabric, and carpet in an open office area made with glass panels with large screens and discreetly hidden microphones? The answer is by installing sound absorptive wall panels. They come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns to fit anywhere from the walls to the ceilings. It’s a good thing that you can install these in the ceiling together with the hanging baffles because they can serve their purpose best without destroying your room design. You can go ahead and enjoy your open office idea for the meeting room and simply have a few of these panels strategically installed to complement the interiors. A fully carpeted flooring could help, too.

Sound quality is very important in a conference room. Whether you are having an in-person meeting or a video conference with colleagues coming in from different remote locations, you need the audio to come in clearly. It helps to invest in good quality equipment. However, to really enjoy optimal sound that is consistent no matter which part of the room you might be in, you need to employ solutions that will help you create a better acoustic environment. You may also hire professional advice on proper mounting for your AV units to ensure they work based on your specifications.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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