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4 Smart Tips to Reduce the Energy Usage of Your RV Generator

Most RV owners would agree that they love dry campaigns mainly because they get the freedom to part anywhere they want. (Of course, with the owner’s permission). They have the flexibility to choose the spot and do not have to worry about getting electricity or water hookups. They need to find the best generator for RV, which will satisfy all their energy needs during dry camping. When you use an RV generator, it is essential to be mindful of your energy usage. You don’t want to run out of energy before even your camping ends. That is why here are four smart tips to reduce the energy usage of your RV generator.

1. Park your RV in the shade

Many campgrounds have beautiful treelines and plenty of space to part under them. The parking spots around the trees are usually most occupied. Everyone wants to park their RV in the shade, after all. Parking your RV in the shade helps reduce the RV’s heating. The interiors will stay cooler, and you don’t have to keep your air conditioning on continuously. Parking your RV in the shade will also allow you to move around the RV. Take out a chair and read your favorite book. Make sure you inquire about a parking spot under a tree next time you book a campground.

2. Avoid opening the fridge frequently

The fridge is probably the most used electronics in the RV. They help to store your food and keep it fresh. Although it’s beneficial, it can guzzle up a massive amount of energy. As the generator is the primary source of your energy in your RV, increased refrigerator usage can put additional pressure on the RV generator. That is why it is essential to keep it cold longer.

When you repeatedly open the fridge, it loses all the cold air inside. The refrigerator has to produce all the coldness again, which needs additional energy to keep the refrigerator cold. It’s best to avoid repeatedly using the fridge if you want to save your generator juice. Open the fridge only when it is necessary. Do not keep it open for longer times to avoid the cold air from escaping whenever you open it. It will significantly reduce the energy usage of the refrigerator.

3. Use propane appliances

As much as you like your electronic coffee maker, you’d be shocked to see how much energy it consumes. The power usage also varies based on its size and energy consumption. If you don’t want your RV generators to run out of energy, you can reduce your use of electronic appliances and switch to propane appliances. Propane appliances like stoves and heaters can reduce the overhead from the RV generator and give you what you need.

Before making the switch, make sure you get familiar with using the propane appliances. Propane is dangerous, and you have to be very careful while handling propane appliances. Never cook inside your RV with a propane stove, and it’s best to take it out to avoid any fire hazards.

4. Get the right RV generator

There are different types of RV generators based on their output and functioning. The best generator for RV would be the one that fulfills the energy needs of your RV. It should have multiple power outlets of different types. Many modern generators come with dedicated USB outlets to charge electronic appliances. Before buying the generator for your RV, calculate your power consumption of appliances. You can get a generator that will create enough energy to fulfill your energy need.

Getting the right RV generator will cover half of your RV problems. You won’t have to lose your sleep thinking about running out of energy while you are out there in the wilderness. Make sure you purchase suitable generators that fulfill the energy needs of your RV.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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