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What Marketing Agencies Do

Many entrepreneurs treat marketing as a mandatory expense but don’t see the need for it. To better understand what it is and why it is needed, let’s turn to the meaning of marketing.

Marketing helps entrepreneurs to understand their customers, teaches them to understand their needs and pains. And this means that you can make commercial offers that are most suitable for your target audience. And the response from such proposals will be higher. Your conversions to sales will grow, as will your profits.

The main task for you is to find the right agency

First of all, a digital marketing agency is a close-knit team of masters of their craft from different fields of knowledge. It brings together under its roof IT specialists, Internet marketers and SEO specialists.

But what is the essence of marketing work?

A digital agency offers a client a large number of advertising services, including the development, production and placement of advertising products in various media.

Agencies are approached because it is more convenient to work with them than with several contractors. The fact is that each of them takes on only a part of advertising services. Therefore, when working with agencies, the customer does not need to coordinate the actions of several organizations.

Why contact a digital marketing agency?

Representatives of both small and large businesses resort to digital marketing services. As a rule, this need appears in one of the following cases.

  • No full-time marketer or marketing department. In such a situation, the services of a marketing agency become a necessity. This situation is typical for small businesses. The owner of the company or employees of the sales department cannot take on all the work of promotion, at least due to the lack of specific knowledge in this area. In this case, it is worth ordering outsourcing of the marketing department. External specialists will take over all the functions of business promotion: from developing a marketing strategy to its implementation.
  • The staff does not have a specialist who knows how to work with specific promotion channels. In this situation, both representatives of small and medium-sized businesses find themselves. It is often unprofitable for such companies to keep a highly specialized specialist whose services will not be in demand most of the time. For example, you do not have an employee who has knowledge in the field of SEO or contextual advertising. Then it is more profitable for you to contact the agency and order this particular service than to hire a new employee.
  • Temporary lack of resources. Sometimes even large businesses have situations when the marketing department cannot cope with the volume of tasks assigned. For example, if the company is implementing some large project. In this case, the agency may temporarily take over some of the functions that were usually performed by full-time specialists.
  • Stagnation or decline in marketing effectiveness. Businesses of any size can also fall into this situation. Often, marketing problems cannot be identified by in-house specialists. There are two key reasons for this: the bias of the marketing department, which does not want to admit its mistakes and the unwillingness to see the shortcomings. In this case, an external impartial expert, like a Sydney marketing consultant can analyze the business, identify all its strengths and weaknesses and find the best ways to develop. The result of such cooperation will be a new marketing or anti-crisis strategy.

What key business indicators are used?

The effectiveness of Internet marketing is evaluated by three main indicators:

  • CTR (advertising click-through rate – how many interested users clicked on the material);
  • CPC (cost per click);
  • CPS (cost of sale, that is, the amount of funds spent on one sale).

What services should you use a marketing agency for?

Marketing services include

  • conducting research (analysis of the market, consumers, brand, competitors, etc.),
  • promotion using various channels,
  • branding (development and positioning of the “face” of the company),
  • bringing a new product or service to the market,
  • web design services,
  • SEO services,
  • · sales promotion.

Marketing agencies also offer outsourcing, which allows the customer to refuse to form their own marketing department and reduce promotion costs.

How to choose a marketing agency?

Now, for the query “marketing agency”, your search engine will return several dozen options.

It will take you more than two years to personally visit each. You can’t wait that long.

The right move would be to conduct an express analysis according to several criteria.

  • Evaluate the site of your potential partner. Evaluation criteria can be: download speed (maximum 3 seconds), design and its intuitiveness. You will not entrust the development of a selling site to an agency whose site loads for half a minute and where you cannot find a button to contact the manager.
  • Check out their price list. Check if they provide full-cycle services or take only certain areas for themselves. Estimate the price level. They should be about average in the market. You should be concerned if the price level is well below the market.
  • Request a commercial offer. So you will appreciate the speed of their manager and you will know how quickly they will answer your questions.
  • Read and study cases in the direction of your business. These are the results of the company’s work in this segment. If the company worked in a field close to your business, it will be easier for you to cooperate. If there are no cases from a similar area, then evaluate the effectiveness in other areas. Consult with familiar experts.

Thus, we can say that a digital agency is engaged in market research, promotion of your company, creates a personal brand and stimulates sales. With it, you can make your company more popular and increase sales. Therefore, we recommend choosing an agency carefully, but if you need such specialists, then immediately start looking.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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