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How eSports and iGaming Continue to Define the Industry

In 2022, hundreds of millions of people have access to dozens of great online entertainment options. The sector has proven to be very dynamic and it reflects the growing demand that audiences all around the globe have for better products. Among the top options when it comes to online entertainment are gambling and sports.

Considering how popular casinos and sports betting venues remained for centuries, it was no surprise that they made such a big splash in the digital space. Today, there are hundreds of amazing betting sites each offering amazing perks and features. All are designed to deliver outstanding experiences and offer the players value for their money.

Despite all that, the sector is nowhere near close to fully achieving its full potential. That is unlikely to happen anytime soon considering how volatile markets can be. Still, we can always look forward to something better. That being said, some of the current key developments in the world of gambling are esports betting and futuristic online gaming advancements.

Esports Betting – A New Frontier

Esports have been around for years now and are gaining more traction than ever. The sector has had so much time to mature into the behemoth that it is today. It also still has a lot of potential to grow beyond what we have already experienced so far.

Over the past few years, as Esports has found its way into the mainstream, esports betting has also exploded as a viable service in the gambling market. It is safe to say that even though esports may have once been nothing more than sporting culture, it has slowly evolved into an industry of its own right.

The increasing popularity of esports titles, advanced live streaming technologies, and the robust infrastructure that has been built around the sector are to thank for this. Lots of players are just as confident betting on esports as they would when betting on traditional sports. As it stands, the esports market is worth billions of dollars. The esports betting market is growing just as fast and it is benefiting from the rising class of new investors.

The Growing iGaming Sector

Online gambling is at a vital stage of its growth. Some of the advancements that we are seeing now are likely going to define the industry for decades to come. In addition to the launch of new and innovative variations of online games we also get to enjoy the games in lots of different ways.

Among the key ways that online gambling is using to get ahead is by exploring new revenue models. Ironically, offering free games is one of them. Finding amazing free poker games is a breeze these days. You can click here for more information about the best free poker apps available in 2022. Titles like Zynga are known for delivering outstanding experiences to all players without players being forced to risk real money.

As if that is not enough, technologies such as AR and VR are slowly finding their way into the online gambling scene. Online casinos revolutionized the gambling industry but they have fallen short when it comes to offering the ambiance at land-based casinos. With VR and AR, the iGaming experience will come very close to the brick-and-mortar experience.

How the Two Relate

Esports, esports betting and online gambling are growing at an incredibly impressive pace. Now, it is easy to draw a line between esports and online gambling. After all, they both seem to be from two different worlds. However, as it turns out, this is not necessarily the case.

Operators in both sectors gave found fresh and innovative ways to cross-sell themselves and the fruits of this are beginning to show.

To begin with, esports has a fan base of about 500 million people across the globe. Not only is the demographic very diverse but it is so vast that getting just a piece of it would be very lucrative to any kind of online business. The number of esports fans who also happen to be of the legal gambling age is huge. That is an opportunity that online casinos that want to engage and cross-sell cannot afford to miss out on.

At first glance, the idea of cross-selling the online gambling industry in esports may seem confined to sports betting. However, even other gambling verticals such as table games and slots are viable options. This is especially true for skill-based games like poker.

Engaging esports fans is certainly going to be a key priority for many online gambling businesses in the coming years. Esports has already gained quite a bit of traction among casino lovers thanks to esports-themed online casino games. Perhaps it is time for the sector to return the favor.

High Hopes

Considering their similarities and reliance on advanced technologies, we expect to see a lot more collaboration in the esports and iGaming spaces. Both sectors are extremely dynamic and they are meant to complement each other in some cases. Moreover, their audiences overlap quite a bit. This opens doors for lots of innovative ways of going about their growth and development as well as further adoption in the realm of digital entertainment.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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