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Elden Ring Pushed into Second Spot in UK Chart for Game Sales

The much-anticipated UK gaming sales results have recently been published, and Elden Ring has been knocked off the top spot.

After only being released a few weeks ago, Elden Ring has already resonated with gaming fans, and in February, it soared to the top of the charts.

However, the most recent results for March, show that Elden Ring has now been pushed into second by Gran Turismo.

Elsewhere, there were strong sales figures posted for other multi-platform games, such as FIFA 22 and it performed very well in terms of Switch sales, which accounted for over 20% of total sales.

There were some big names in the top 10 for UK gaming sales, including Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the Dying Light follow up, Dying Light 2.

But Elden Ring has been a resounding success, and there have been some reports suggesting that the game has already sold over 10 million units on PC.

This came against a backdrop of recent console issues last months, with sales figures dropping off for the Xbox and PS5 due to supply constraints.

In many ways, Elden Ring has risen in popularity as a gaming franchise, and part of that has been due to the way it has been received and scored by other major gaming outlets. In addition, it is fair to say that Elden Ring bears some similarities to the Game of Thrones, as it is also a dark fantasy title, and the gameplay is mesmerising. Elden Ring has a multiplayer feature that makes it perfect as an Esports title, and it is constantly advertised on TV. And it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Elden Ring follow in Game of Thrones’ footsteps in the near future, and become a major player in the casino world. Game of Thrones already has its own dedicated slot, and you can play this title at the best online casinos in the UK, which includes LeoVegas. At casinos like LeoVegas, users will be able to tap into exciting promotions, such as free spins, when playing the official Game of Thrones slot.

Elden Ring is single-minded in its ambition to smash UK gaming sales, and they have already made an instant impression.

Of course, Elden Ring has many hidden gems, and it’s not hard to see why gamers love it so much.

Although Gran Turismo is enjoying life at the top in terms of game sales, expect to see Elden Ring make a comeback.

Elden Ring has established itself as a serious player in the video gaming world, and it already has a clear idea of the legacy it wants to have.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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