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How to Migrate From the United States to Canada

For US citizens to be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, they must first become Permanent Residents. Citizenship in Canada may be applied for after five years as a Permanent Resident. Canada’s immigration procedures are comparable to those in other nations, making it easy for Americans to move there.

You don’t need a visa to visit Canada as a tourist if you’re a US citizen. If you wish to come to Canada from the United States, you’ll need to complete a few requirements before you may enter the country.

As a result, some of the most straightforward methods for a US citizen to enter Canada are as follows:

  • Finding a long-term place of employment
  • Foster care in the home
  • Visa for New Entrepreneurs
  • Programs for Provincial Nominees
  • Expedited Entries

Moving to Canada

Considering moving to Canada from the United States? You’re not the only one. More than 10,000 Americans emigrated to Canada in 2019. Your choices for entering and staying legally in Canada must be considered before going to the country for a vacation, study, or job. In terms of employment, health care, and education, moving to Canada may open up a wide range of possibilities for you and your family.

A trip to Canada

A visiting visa allows you to lawfully remain in Canada for up to six months while you vacation, look for a job, or engage in short-term educational programs. Even if you’re already in Canada, you can’t apply for a work or study permit.

If you have a valid US passport, you don’t need a Canadian visa or an electronic travel visa to enter Canada. A visiting visa is required to enter Canada unless you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or are traveling from a visa-exempt nation like the United States. You don’t need a Canadian visa to enter Canada if you have a US Green Card. An electronic travel authorization is required for those who will be landing at or transiting through a Canadian airport.


Only 11% of Americans lacked health insurance coverage in 2017. It’s not that Americans aren’t ill, but rather that they can’t afford medical treatment, which explains the high rate.

Healthcare in the United States is often supplied through your employer. Private insurance in the United States might be prohibitively expensive if your company does not participate in an insurance program or if you lose your job for any variety of reasons.

The healthcare system in the United States and Canada is very different. All citizens and permanent residents of Canada have access to a health insurance plan via their home province that covers the costs of medical care at hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Lawyers and the immigration application process

Applying for a green card may be a complex procedure. The requirements for obtaining a visa to enter Canada have become more onerous in recent years. Your application must be handled correctly from the beginning to the end, regardless of whether you are seeking Canadian permanent residence or temporary residency. You’ll have to go through the same process if you’re moving to the United States. It is why retaining the services of an immigration attorney may be so important. You don’t want a case rejected. The application procedure requires a thorough understanding of where to submit, what papers are required, and how to react to government queries. The most common error we encounter in immigration applications is a lack of experience.

Why hire a lawyer?

An expert lawyer or legal company may help you get immigration advice; thus, you should avoid costly blunders and quickly increase your chances of obtaining a visa. Don’t take the risk of representing yourself or applying without the guidance of a knowledgeable immigration expert in many immigration cases. If you don’t engage with an immigration lawyer, you might waste money, time, and aggravation in the long run.

Lawyers in Canada are well-versed in detecting, comprehending, and synthesizing Canadian immigration law because of their significant education, training, and experience. There is a wide variety of immigration options available in Canada. In addition, these variables may make these streams more difficult to navigate. Lawyers can help you understand the jargon of the legal system.


Hiring an immigration lawyer is not mandatory, but engaging with one may significantly impact your chances of success. Indeed, hiring an experienced and trustworthy Canadian immigration lawyer may differentiate between an unsuccessful application and a successful one.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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