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5 Montreal City Sights You Need to Visit

Have you ever been to Montreal before? Are you thinking about moving in Montreal? Well, this place has got so much to offer. This city is rich in culture. You will find every type of food here. You will fall in love with the markets. 90 festivals take place here per year. Yes, you read it completely right. Every day will be a new refreshing day here.

You will find work opportunities here too. So, you can move in here. You will find a place according to your budget. 

5 sights that you need to visit in Montreal

Here are the 5 sights you need to visit while moving in Montreal.

1. Vieux-Montreal (Old Montreal)

It is one of the oldest and worth visiting sites to visit in Montreal. You can spend a lot of time here with ease. You will find tall buildings and rich culture from ancient times here. It will take you back to history, and you will love to explore it.

2. Mont-Royal View

It is one of the unique places in the world. It is from a certain height from the city. You can call this the green lung too. It is easy to explore the monuments of Jacques Cartier and King George VI while taking a stroll here. You can have some peaceful time by the Lac-aux-Castors too. You can enjoy the view of the whole city from this place.

3. Vieux-Port (Old Port)

While you will be wandering in old Montreal, you will definitely end up in the liveliest area of that place. You can enjoy a giant ferry wheel ride, climb the famous clock tower and do so much more fun activities at the old port of old Montreal.

4. Jardin Botanique

This botanical is huge. There is a guaranteed fact that you haven’t been to such a huge botanical garden like this one ever before.

There are 30 themed gardens with a diversity of plants here. It has 10 exhibition greenhouses. Outdoor gardens that are part of this botanical garden shoe the Japanese and Chinese flora species. 

5. Notre-Dame Basilica

This is the oldest church in Montreal. The twin towers are gorgeous. The interior of this church is very good too. Following are the highlights of this extravagant church:

  • A magnificent pulpit 
  • The 7,000 pipe organ
  • Stained glass windows

Everything about this place is simply extravagant. Whenever you are going to Montreal, you should visit and explore this place. You will learn so much more about the history of Montreal here. 

Final Words

This fine city is simply amazing. The attractions would take your breath away. There is so much more to explore here. We only talked about 5 sights. The beauty of these sights and the whole of Montreal cannot be described in words. Whether you are moving to Montreal or you would be just visiting that place for a small period of time, don’t forget to visit and explore the sights we have mentioned above.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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