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How To Choose An E-Liquid in 2022

Most new vapers don’t give much thought to the choice of e-liquid when starting. Then you realize that e-liquids are the soul of a vape. A vaporizer with an empty e-liquid bottle is useless, and the quality determines your vaping experience.

Early vapers in the 2000s had their work cut out since there was a limited selection of vape juice in the market. Now, there are tons of options – Provape could be a great choice. Even choosing from the most popular e-liquid flavors can be daunting. Once you have your taste, preferences, and reason for vaping figured out, it becomes easier. In this guide, we walk you through simplifying your decision and choose an e-liquid suit for you.

What’s Inside E-liquid – PG and VG?

The first step to making a perfect choice is understanding the ingredients in a vape juice. Every e-liquid in a vape or e-cigarette consists of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Both are safe for human consumption. Then there is flavoring and nicotine if you prefer. These two also play crucial roles in giving you a great vaping experience.

PG and VG are the base of a vape juice. PG is an organic compound commonly used in different industries to serve different purposes, including an additive for food items to enhance their flavors. The odorless, colorless substance also gives the famed throat hit associated with vaping. On the other hand, VG is a compound derived from plant oil for vapor production. VG adds a bit of sweetness to your vape juice in addition to its primary purpose of producing dense clouds. The more VG ratio in an e-liquid, the thicker the cloud you can make while vaping.

Choosing The Right Blend of PG/VG Ratio

The experience you want from vaping should be the guide when deciding the proportion of PG and VG you want in your e-liquid. If you want a vaping experience that mimics smoking ideally, go for an e-liquid with the same PG: VG ratio, which is 50:50. Increase the ratio slightly (60:40) for a harsher throat hit. That is most suitable for a smoker just switching to vaping.

A higher concentration of VG gives people looking for a smoother vaping experience more satisfaction. Bear in mind that VG does not covey flavor like PG. A higher concentration may tone down or even mute the taste completely. Many vapers love cloud chasing. You have to exhale a thick cloud of vapor worthy of a showoff. However, it’s not uncommon for vapers to want to stay low key or situations may warrant it. An e-liquid with a higher VG to PG ratio, 70:30 or 80:20, will be more suitable for a discrete vaping session.

Also, pay attention to the ohm setup of your vapes, especially if you are chasing cloud with high VG. You don’t want to clog your coil and damage your device. High wattage is ideal for an e-liquid with a high VG concentration.

What’s Your Flavor?

Answering this question solves most of the dilemmas when choosing an e-liquid. Every vape store stocks tens to hundreds of e-liquids of different flavors. Here is where many beginners get confused. After deciding on which brand to purchase, the final buying decision comes down to flavors. And it is down to you in your personal preference.

Ex-smokers just starting their vaping journey often start with either tobacco or menthol-flavored e-liquid. Sticking with the taste and feel of cigarettes helps reduce the chance of a relapse into smoking habits. For all those new to vaping or who want to try something new, making a decision may not be that straightforward. The vaping market is filled with fruity, sweet, candy, beverages, and food flavors. Choosing an e-liquid that leaves a taste of your favorite food or drink in your mouth and scent in the air sounds like a good plan. It can help you withdraw from nicotine and ultimately take your mind off smoking.

Choose The Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength in your e-liquid is worth as much consideration as the flavor. Your purpose of vaping or smoking experience are the determining factors here. If you are not an ex-smoker or only a social smoker vaping casually, you might want to avoid nicotine dependence altogether. There are a wealth of nicotine-free vapes available on the market to try out.

People swapping smoking for vaping have to choose an e-liquid with the right nicotine level for a smooth transition. Though the strengths of cigarettes differ, an average cigarette contains about 12 mg of nicotine. Therefore, an e-Liquid with 18 – 20mg is recommended for heavy smokers with a history of over a pack a day. Average smokers consuming half to a pack of cigarettes are well served with 12 mg nicotine content. Moderate smokers who get by with less than ten sticks of cigarettes per day will find 6mg of nicotine satisfying enough. Those in the final stage of quitting or light smokers can go for the e-liquid with the lowest nicotine content of 3mg.

Not getting the right amount of nicotine at the early stage of vaping may lead to vaping more than necessary. Or the worst-case scenario of relapsing into smoking.

Experimenting is The Key

Like every new adventure, you may not get a perfectly fitted one for you the first time. Some brick-and-mortar retail stores give the privilege of trying out a limited number of vapes. While that is not feasible when you buy from online vape stores, you have the option of purchasing a starter pack. You can test several e-liquids of different flavors and nicotine strength.

It may take a few tries. Don’t hesitate to try out different e-liquids from different brands. In no time, you will find the flavor, nicotine level, and PG/VG ratio that gives you an optimal vaping experience. In sum, choosing the best e-liquid in 2022 is a personal decision requiring little experimenting. We hope we help make it easier.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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