4 Tips to Move a Trailer With the Help of a Dolly

Many RVers often complain about attaching their truck or another vehicle every time they need to move their trailer. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to attach and detach the truck to haul your trailer. That’s why many RVers use dollies that can move a trailer without a vehicle.

Dollies are a great solution to move your trailers with your hands. Yet, it can be dangerous to move the trailer without a proper procedure. After all, you are moving a trailer that weighs in the range of 1000 to 10000 pounds. You cannot let a minor mistake derail your entire plan. Don’t worry; here are four valuable tips that will help you move a trailer with the help of a dolly.

1. Choose the Right Dolly

There are different types of dollies available in the market. They are used in warehouses to move cargo; some are attached at the back of the RV to carry a car, while there are some dollies that can move a trailer without any vehicle. Before choosing a random one, you need to select the correct dolly compatible with your trailer.

Dollies used for moving trailers come with a specific weight lifting capacity. The capacity can range from 1000 pounds to 10000. That means you can move a small or massive Class A trailer. You need to know the weight of your trailer after loading it with supplies and liquid. You choose the one that can lift that much weight without breaking. You also need to check whether the dolly is manually operated or electric. Once you are sure about all the requirements, you can purchase a dolly that checks off all the points.

2. Level the Dolly to the Trailer

The dolly needs to be leveled with the trailer, or it won’t be attached to the trailer in the right way. A wrongly attached trailer can dislocate while moving and lead to an accident. With this simple step, you can avoid any accident while moving your trailer by hand. If your trailer is parked in your driveway, chances are it stands on a slope. The presence of grass and gravel can further worsen the situation. Make sure the ball hitch of the dolly and the tongue hitch of the trailer are at the same level. You may have to reduce the height of the dolly hinge to make it stand exactly below the trailer hinge. So when you lower the trailer, it directly attaches itself to the dolly hinge.

3. Carefully Attach the Trailer to the Dolly

The process of moving the trailer starts with attaching the trailer to the dolly. They come with a metal ball hitch that helps attach the trailer to them. The weight capacity will ensure it lifts the trailer quickly without breaking.

4. Turn or Move the Trailer Sideways Safely

Moving heavy trailers (10000 pounds) with bare hands can be difficult with a mechanical dolly. In that case, you can use a motorized one to move your trailer in any direction. These can lift more weight, and their tongue weight capacity is also higher than other models. You can use the controls to turn your trailer or move it sideways.

If you often have to move the trailer, you must get a motorized dolly. That way, you can safely move your trailer anywhere and anytime without breaking your back.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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