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Two Key Aspects You Must Know When Trading Macs Through Apple’s Trade-In Program

Although the trading process is the same for all Apple products, there are some key differences when it comes to trading Macs through the Mac trade-in program. But before getting into those, let’s take a quick look at how the program works.

The Apple trade-in program lets you take older Apple products and trade them in for newer Apple products in exchange for Apple credit. However, you can’t trade an old iPhone for cash. It’s Apple credit toward a new Apple purchase. The same rule applies if you’re looking to trade in your MacBook. If you’re looking for cash, you’ll have to consider reselling the product on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Difference Between iPhone & MacBook Trade-In

One of the key differences between trading in a Macbook versus an iPhone is the amount of time that the process takes. A Mac trade in will take you about two to four weeks.

The main reason for this is that Apple doesn’t handle the Mac trade-ins. They outsource this part of their business to a company called Phobio. Here, Phobio is responsible for inspecting your old MacBook, coming up with an estimate, and giving you the updated estimate once they have the product in hand.

However, for an iPhone, there is no third party involved. The product you pack and send goes directly to Apple, where they take a look at it and then give you your credit.

Mac Trade-In Purchase Alternative

Another way to initiate the Apple trade-in program is when you’re buying a new Apple product. If you’re purchasing online, you will see options for trade-in during checkout. So when you’re buying a new MacBook Pro, the website will ask you if you’re going to trade in an old MacBook Pro.

However, under certain circumstances, it’s better to choose a separate trade-in program to get your trade-in credit first. This is because if you use the trade-in program during a purchase of a new product, then you’re locked in.

Once they give you an estimate for your old Mac, you might set your budget for the new machine based on that estimate. However, in most cases, the online estimated value will decrease post-inspection, and you will have to pay more for your new one than you originally planned. So it’s better to avoid such situations and go with a separate trade-in program.

To Summarize

The Apple trade-in program essentially incentivizes you to buy new Apple products. They provide you with Apple-exclusive credit for old Apple products so that you choose to purchase an upgrade from Apple’s latest line-up. This way, Apple retains you as its consumer while providing the best value for your exchange item.

The Apple trade-in program generally works better for older iPhones. When you trade in an older iPhone, you get a bigger percentage of the original cost back. Also, it’s a much faster process since it works directly through Apple without any third-party involvement.

But if you’re trading in your Mac or other expensive Apple products, definitely take a look on eBay. The Apple trading program might work better in certain scenarios. However, keep in mind that the trade-in program might adjust the price with the Macs. You might not get as much credit as estimated initially. Going back to a third-party site like eBay to trade in your MacBook will take even longer than the 20-ish days.

Also, if you’re purchasing something you need right away, you must keep in mind that it will take longer with a Mac than with an iPhone, if you use the Apple trade-in program.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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