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BLAST Premier: Spring Finals – Group Stage Results For NaVi

The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals circuit started on June 15. On the first day of the season, Natus Vincere debuted against OG, where the European organization gave a great surprise and defeated NaVi 2-1. However, we should note that NaVi has had several modifications in the squad, even if this loss was for different reasons.

As for the second day of the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals, NaVi didn’t have any kind of surprise. In contrast, the Ukrainian team won the match, defeating BIG 2-0. Since the Group Stage matches are played in a two double-elimination format, this victory means for NaVi a pass to the Playoffs, where the team will compete in the 2nd Quarterfinals against FaZe Clan.

Meanwhile, you can see a full picture of the matches played by NaVi in the Group Stage right below. Additionally, if you are interested in cs go match results with all the stats and analysis, we recommend you to visit this webpage.

Natus Vincere vs OG

Although Natus Vincere started as a great favorite, the match was marked with no real difference between the teams. Both NaVi and OG had temporary players in their squads as well as other modifications as follows:

  • Sdy debuted to replace Boombl4 from NaVi.
  • ElectroNic took over the role of IGL after Boombl4’s departure.
  • Mantuu from OG was absent due to medical leave.
  • Degster played as the stand-in temporarily replacing Mantuu.

Map 1: Inferno (16-7)

Win rate for NaVi: 60.0% on 10 maps played

Win rate for OG: 50.0% on 2 maps played

The match started on Inferno as the OG’s pick and was dominated at all times by Natus Vincere. The European team started to play as the T-side in the first half, where they managed to get seven rounds. But after the change of sides, Natus Vincere chained eight rounds in a row and closed the map with 16-7, putting 1-0 on the leaderboard. As always, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was successful, but this time Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy acted as a leader with a 1.54 rating.

Map 2: Mirage (12-16)

Win rate for NaVi: 80.0% on 10 maps played

Win rate for OG: 50.0% on 4 maps played

OG responded quickly on Mirage with a solid performance from the anti-terrorist side. Before the change of sides, OG took the lead, finishing the first halftime with 4-11. For the second half, Natus Vincere got eight rounds in a row, but the advantage initially generated didn’t allow the Ukrainian team to make a comeback. From the T side, OG managed to close the game thanks to Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic, who was most successful with the bullets.

Map 3: Ancient (13-16)

Win rate for NaVi: 66.7% on 6 maps played

Win rate for OG: 100.0% on 2 maps played

The epic came with Ancient. Natus Vincere started as a favorite by not losing on that map for the last few months. However, OG maintained a slight advantage in the first half, going to a break with nine rounds. After the change of sides, the match was an extremely close affair, but it didn’t help b1t to pull spectacular clutches to take the victory. OG had won 13-16, and NaVi suffered a major upset in Group A.

NaVi vs BIG

On the second day of the tournament, NaVi had the elimination match of Group B with BIG. In contrast to the debut game, the Ukrainian team managed to win a fast 2-0 and secure a place in the Playoffs.

Map 1: Mirage (16-10)

Win rate for NaVi: 80.0% on 10 maps played

Win rate for OG: 50.0% on 4 maps played

The series started on Mirage, chosen by NaVi, where it swept from the terrorist side with 11-4. Oleksandr Kostyliev “s1mple” was completely unleashed while leading the team. In the second half, the Berliners offered more resistance, but they were not able to put themselves on the same level as their rivals and catch up to NaVi. The German team was not precise either individually or as a group and was down 16-10.

Map 2: Dust2 (16-8)

Win rate for NaVi: 85.7% on 7 maps played

Win rate for OG: 50.0% on 4 maps played

The second map was even more in favor of Natus Vincere. BIG could not surprise at any time the Ukrainian organization in the Dust2 that it had chosen. Though the German team quickly took the first five rounds from the T side, NaVi managed to acquire ten rounds in a row before the change of sides. During the second game, the person in charge of highlighting was Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy, who on this occasion joined the leadership of s1mple and helped close the game at 16-8.

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