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Why Trustly Is the Best Payment Method for Online Gambling in Canada

Payment in any online casino can for sure be considered the most important aspect. If payments are inadequately facilitated, if payments don’t work right, the casino cannot work right.

The truth is, even far from legal casinos that are aware that they offer their services illegally in the so-called grey zones and lack the license want to manage their payments. Only if the casino has the goal of attracting customers, stealing their money, and disappearing, the adequacy of payments doesn’t count. But if the half-legal casino wants to continue to operate, get new customers, and keep the regular customers playing and paying, it has to watch its banking and payments function smoothly.

Most of us strongly prioritize online gambling licenses, and licenses are definitely crucial because they prevent open fraud. But no license prevents limited payment options, high limits, few currencies accepted, etc. As it has already been said, even a poorly licensed casino may have its payments figured out perfectly if it wants to function for a longer period of time, and have paying customers.

This is the reason why being aware of the payment nuances, available options and their pros and cons, limitations, and especially the tricks that some casinos do is crucial for the gamblers’ well-being. And this is why Trustly casinos may turn out the most convenient and secure option for online casino gambling in Canada as of today.

Payment Nuances for Gamblers in Canada

Canada is an interesting place for online casino gambling for a bunch of reasons, and in terms of payments, too.

Many provinces have their own rules and laws that differ from the general legal background in the country, and therefore online casinos can (or can’t offer) their services to the local players to a certain extent and with certain limitations. This works for the payment methods, too.

Canada has many online payment processing operators that have been in the industry for decades, that are safe and reliable, and are interested in being online casino-friendly. However, due to the ever-changing legal landscape, even those huge corporations have to change their rules for casinos that use their channels for depositing and withdrawing, and this reflects on the players.

Canadian gamblers, for example, have tons of options for making a deposit to an online casino, from worldwide popular methods like Visa and Mastercard, to bank payments, to e-wallets, to mobile payments, just to name a few. Even many local banks turn a blind eye to customers making payments to online merchants that look like gambling platforms.

However, the situation changes considerably when it comes to withdrawals from online casinos, and this is where the complications usually begin. Many online casinos, despite even being licensed, may not be legit enough to operate in this or that Canadian province, and by making payments to cards, bank accounts, or even some e-wallets, they reveal their presence and put themselves at risk. So, they choose to limit the payment methods for withdrawing the money.

Or, the banks that could remain neutral to payments to online casinos may not allow payments from online casinos, or payments from casinos exceeding a certain maximum limit.

The result of this situation is that the player is forced to search for safe and convenient methods of sending a deposit and requesting a withdrawal that would not take forever, would not block their transactions, or use any other similar measures. Eventually, there are very few banking methods available to Canadians that allow both depositing to, and withdrawing from, online casino sites.

The Perks of Trustly

Trustly is in fact one of the most convenient payment methods that one can find in the array of online payment processing options for their gambling purposes, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, Trustly is completely in-line with all Canadian banks, laws, the legal situation, etc. It works with many local banks as a payment facilitator and therefore it fits all the norms and standards in this industry.

Secondly, Trustly is completely safe for the bank and for the user; it doesn’t collect much information about the users because you don’t even need an account with it, and it doesn’t share much information about the user with the online merchant. At the same time, Trustly makes the bank payments safer acting as an additional layer of protection.

Trustly works with many currencies, including of course CAD, and supports instant transactions.

All these perks make Trustly one of the best payment channels when it comes to online gambling in Canada.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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