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How Do Businesses Stay Connected in 2022?

Hybrid and remote working has really changed the game when it comes to how businesses stay connected, and how important it is to keep up to date with business connectivity.

In 2022, businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, will have to update the way they keep connected with both loyal and potential customers.

Digital communication is also constantly evolving, so it can often seem overwhelming to find the most effective way to keep your business connected.

How Do Businesses Connect with Customers Today?

Amongst internal business teams, the likes of team building events and activities, like Topgolf have in recent years done wonders for companies and brands of all sizes. However, when it comes to connecting with customers, it usually takes more of a tech approach.

In short, businesses now stay connected online. The digital arena has completely transformed the way businesses are run and how customers are attracted. With over 95% of UK households now being connected online, it is a no brainer that a business needs an online presence to stay connected.

Below, we’ve categorised and given a few tips for how you can better your business connectivity in 2022 and beyond.

Establish an Online Presence

The fundamental part to businesses connecting nowadays is by having an online presence. The growth and usage of social media has skyrocketed – with people now using it everyday. As a result, businesses now use social media for establishing their brand, selling their products and attracting customers.

Digital marketing is now a key part of any successful enterprise in the UK. Whether businesses outsource marketing, or do it in-house, it is key to have up-to-date and engaging social media accounts. The likes of Twitter, Instagram and particularly TikTok today are key assets businesses should use to stay connected with customers.

Taking Advantage of New Software

Following on from the point above, businesses to improve their digital connectivity nowadays should look into the relevant and latest software. For example, with social media there are now applications companies can either pay or use for free which will help analyse social media performances, publish and schedule posts to keep customers in the loop.

The available software on the market is endless from product management, customer relationship management all the way to online marketing tools. It truly is endless, and there will be something for your business to better its digital communication.

Changing with the Times

Not only is software always updating and being changed as time progresses, but hardware is too. A good example of how times are changing, and that businesses should too with the times, is VoIP! VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, will replace landlines by 2025.

VoIP is essentially a new phone system, which can be used by businesses to connect with customers. As you speak, your voice is changed into digital signals and sent to the device on the other end (essentially). Not only is VoIP a new device, but many companies that offer VoIP also offer software which can help business productivity, run things more easily and improve employee’s productivity.

For instance, VoIP business phone systems and solutions also enable businesses to download applications which can help monitor incoming and outgoing calls, performance and sales. Virtual video conferencing software, virtual receptionists and music – you name it!

Keeping Relevant

All in all, for businesses to stay connected in 2022 they need to keep relevant. By that we don’t mean completely transforming the company brand every time a new trend arrives, but by staying up to date with how digital communication is changing. VoIP is a good example, as it has transformed how businesses stay connected – particularly those that rely on calling and engaging with customers.

Business Connectivity: In Summary

In summary, businesses now need to be online to stay connected. Having reliable and fast internet broadband, using good business phone systems, updating social media channels and taking advantage of new software will ensure your business stays connected.

While digital connectivity has increased the competition for some businesses, it has made it easier to connect with customers. You can, at the click of a finger, stay and connect to new people all around the world!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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