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5 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make

If you can’t catch the attention of the women you really want to meet on an online dating site or app, online dating can seem frustrating and difficult. There are inevitable mistakes in online dating that the users make. This article will talk about some of the most common mistakes.

Most common online dating mistakes people do

Starting online dating, people get disappointed if they don’t get the desired number of matches or don’t receive replies to their messages. Yet, it usually means that you need to do some work with your profile.

Not optimizing your photo lineup

If you are still using the same old photos of yourself on your dating profile, it may be time to change things up a bit. You know, that a photo is the first your match sees. And the good-quality photo is the first that catches the girl’s attention. And on the contrary, poor pictures make her skip even without reading your bio.

To make a good photo on your online dating profile, follow the following tips:

  1. Make sure that it has high contrast, and you don’t blend into the background
  2. Don’t wear sunglasses and hats – they break eye contact. Look directly at the camera
  3. The image should be as simple as possible, without any visual noise and distraction
  4. The image should be close so that your face was clearly visible
  5. You should be the only person in a picture

If you don’t have a picture matching these criteria, consider hiring a professional photographer. By the way, studio model portraits don’t work very well on a dating site. Your dating profile is not a CV, and the picture should show you in real life.

Your profile doesn’t catch

The guys typically make two most common online dating profile mistakes: make it too detailed or too short. In the first case, she will think that you are trying too hard, in the second one – that you are hiding something or didn’t care to fill in your profile.

Your description should be detailed enough to show her who you are and what you have to offer. As soon as she starts reading your profile, she’ll start wondering if you’re the one, but you must keep it brief enough that she doesn’t get bored and move on.

You’re not using icebreakers

Having an attractive avatar and a good bio is important, but you also need to be able to start and maintain the conversation. Guys make texting mistakes in dating by sending “Hello”, or “How are you?” messages. The girls skip it, even without looking at your photo or checking your profile.

There are two ways to start a conversation: spend some time studying your match’s profile and use an icebreaker – a simple open-ended question designed to get people talking.

You can ask her if she would prefer to spend a vacation on a beach or in the mountains, to work speaking with the clients or do her own part of the work.

Such an approach doesn’t take a lot of time and stands out of a hundred similar “How are you?” messages. When she replies to your message and the conversation starts, you can study her profile and ask customized questions.

You are not taking the meeting offline

When you start an online dating conversation with a woman, you are likely to focus on the things that you can do on the dating site. But too often, the conversation takes place on the site, and you never move it offline.

If you enjoy talking with each other and are happy to receive a new message, it’s high time that you go on a date IRL. It doesn’t just have to be about going out to a bar or a restaurant. Go for a bike ride, see and discuss a movie, make a barbecue, or just go for a walk and have a cup of coffee.

You’re not keeping up with it

If you’re interested in online dating at and want to meet your ideal partner, it’s going to take some work.

Creating a compelling profile with attractive pictures is just the beginning. The most time-consuming part is messaging. If you want to find a match and go with her on a date, you should constantly keep in touch with her. Online dating requires approximately 12 hours per week for messaging.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this blog on the online dating mistakes guys make. Sometimes men can be hesitant when it comes to online dating and can seem frustrated when they don’t find success. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand how to avoid online dating mistakes.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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