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4 Tips For Dating A Sugar Baby With An Assertive Personality

The days when women were almost invariably socialized to be submissive, meek, and less independent are long over with at this point. Times have changed quite a lot, and women have changed, as well. Not only are they no longer required to stay home, keep house, and mind the children, but many have high-powered careers and goals of their own.

Leading independent lives of their own – or at least knowing that’s an option that’s on the table – has meant more women have assertive personalities and aren’t willing to take direction from their male partners. This is especially the case for sugar babies, who tend to be more accomplished and have higher standards than average. Here are some tips for impressing, loving, and dating such a woman.

Don’t play games with her

Independent sugar babies with assertive personalities aren’t interested in relationships because they feel like they need to be in one. They don’t need men to take care of them, nor are they turning to their relationships to validate them as women. If such a woman is interested in dating, it’s because she wants a companion with whom to share her life.

That said, you really want to avoid playing games with this type of woman. She knows her worth, knows there are lots of other sugardaddies out there she could be with, and isn’t afraid to be single while she holds out for what she deserves. Shoot her straight, be honest, and manage your relationship with integrity or risk losing her.

Don’t assume she doesn’t want to be spoiled

It’s a common misconception that intelligent, independent women don’t want the men they date to do anything for them, give them anything, or exercise any sort of chivalry. The thing is you don’t have to need someone to do something for you in order to want them to do it anyway or appreciate it when it happens.

The more independent and assertive the woman, the more likely it is that she’s used to taking care of everyone else around her and can’t even picture a world where someone willingly does the same for her. So many assertive women become sugar babies because they do want to be spoiled and taken care of for a change, so don’t be afraid to be the guy who actually steps up.

Be supportive of her goals and interests

Remember, assertive women get into relationships because they want to be in them, not because they feel they need to be with someone to make it in life. That means your independent sugar baby will always be someone with goals, dreams, and aspirations of her own. Part of what she’s looking for in a potential partner is someone who will help her go after what she wants – especially if she’s actively looking for a sugardaddy.

Don’t expect her to change all her plans for her life or give up on any professional goals she might have just because she does have a rich sugardaddy now. She was never interested in those things before because she didn’t have a man to take care of her. She wanted to be someone and accomplish big things, and she still wants that. Be someone who helps her get where she needs to be and cheers her on every step of the way, just like a good sugardaddy should.

Embrace your relationship for what it is

Many men who find themselves in relationships with assertive or highly independent women struggle with feeling needed enough. They’ve often been socialized to believe that what men bring to the table in a relationship is their ability to guide and provide for a woman, as well as give her a reason for living. If his partner doesn’t need those things from him, he’s left feeling like he doesn’t have a purpose in the relationship.

Again, assertive women aren’t looking for caretakers or people to manage their lives for them. They’re looking for companions and true partners in every sense of the word. They want to walk with those partners through life and build something special together as a team. This doesn’t make an independent woman’s partner any less appreciated or needed.

Ultimately, an independent woman has the potential to be the best sugar baby you’ve ever had. Unlike women who are too submissive or otherwise aren’t whole within themselves, women who are more assertive can bring balance to a relationship. And relationships with them tend to be incredibly fulfilling on an entirely new level.

This is a woman who can give as good as she gets and truly add something to her partner’s life. That said, it’s to her partner’s benefit to accept, appreciate, and celebrate her for all that she is. She’s sure to make him heartily glad that he did.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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