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The Impact Of Solar PV On The Environment And Your Wallet

Solar energy is the new buzzword in the power industry. Even though the world has been using solar PV for decades, it is only in recent years that we understand how solar energy is one of the best and most affordable sources of energy. This is the reason why everyone – from a million-dollar company to a residential property – is being equipped with solar PV systems.

Developing nations are also witnessing a surge in the usage of solar panel systems. But is this only because solar energy is a clean source of energy? Not really. There are several environmental and economic benefits of using solar PV systems.

In this blog, we are going to discuss them all. Let’s begin with Solar PV’s impact on our environment:

How Solar PV Impacts the Environment

First things first: Solar PV offers us a renewable source of energy. This means by shifting to solar energy; we can reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy and save them for the next generations. But this is just one way of seeing the impact of solar PV on the environment.

A few other ways in which solar PV system saves the environment are as follows:

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Solar PV system generates electricity without releasing any harmful gases in nature. This includes carbon dioxide. Thus, by using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, we can slow down climate change.

  • Reduced air pollution

Burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation is a common cause of growing air pollution. However, no such thing happens when we use a solar PV system. It causes no air pollution and keeps it clean for future generations as well.

  • Minimized land and water use

Unlike traditional ways of electricity generation, this method does not use excessive land and water. The solar PV system can be easily installed on roofs and empty land. It also does not use water but just sunlight that comes for free and is renewable.

This is just the basic impact of solar PV on the environment. The other benefits, such as energy independence, conservation of natural resources, and a greener planet, follow the extensive list of other benefits.

Solar PV and Your Wallet

Now that we have seen how solar PV impacts the environment, it is time to focus on the money part. Unlike the old times, solar energy is now less expensive. Homeowners can invest in it easily and reap long-term ROI.

Below are some ways solar PV system ensuring financial safety. Read on:

  • Energy Savings

Installing a solar PV system means you no longer have to depend on the grid and pay the electricity bill. Instead, you can generate your own electricity and save money for the years to come.

  • Tax Benefits

Now, many states and even the central government have started several schemes to promote the usage of solar PV systems. They offer tax benefits to those who install solar PV systems. These incentives can help reduce the cost of the system and make it more affordable.

  • Increased Home Value

Sometimes, the financial benefits are hidden. In this case, the benefits are hidden in the value of your property. It is noticed that installing a solar PV system can increase the value of your home. So, you don’t just make yourself energy independent but can also bank on the same factor later when selling your property.

  • Job Creation

There’s one more way solar PV has impacted the finances of countless people. Over the past few years, the solar industry has provided millions of jobs in installation, maintenance, and manufacturing. This directly translated to more people getting financial security straight from the solar industry.

Take Charge!

The solar PV system is more than just a way to get electricity at low prices. Install a solar panel, and you will see it for yourself. The only thing you need to be smart about is finding the right solar PV. We suggest you to select reputed brands like Luminous, which offer a wide range of solar PV panels with the latest technology. Visit their website to know more!


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Written by Marcus Richards

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